Fortnite: Tfue to Take a Hiatus from Streaming

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Fortnite: Tfue to Take a Hiatus from Streaming

Turner “Tfue” Tenney appears to be stepping away from streaming on Twitch indefinitely. He indicated this in a series of Tweets sent out early on September 13th, 2019. Tfue is one of the most popular Fortnite professional players and streamers on the planet today. His rise to fame included signing with FaZe Clan for a period of time before a falling out with the organization. Along with former duo and trio partner, Dennis “Cloak” Lepore, Tenney achieved maximum heights in competitive Fortnite. Lepore and Tenney won several online and LAN tournaments as a pair, including the TwitchCon Fall Skirmish in August of 2019.

Tenney’s fame as a Twitch streamer eclipsed other top personalities quickly due to a mixture of his high-level gameplay, inclusion in FaZe Clan and his general demeanor. He has never shied away from exposing Fortnite’s flaws and consistently engaged in rivalries with the likes of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Tenney and Blevins took full control of the Twitch audience and this generated a competitive rivalry between the two. It now seems that Tenney’s incessant streaming is catching up with him.


Mental Health Struggles

Outside of an explanation stating his negative mind space, it is unclear what exactly is triggering this response from the professional Fortnite player. The last few months of Tenney’s life have not been easy. He experienced immense pressure heading into the Fortnite World Cup, where he ultimately underperformed by his own standards On top of this, he left FaZe Clan under less than ideal conditions and drew up a lawsuit against the popular esports organization. These events may have been weighing on Tenney’s mind. He also barely takes breaks from streaming and is constantly cranking out content at an unfathomable level. On top of this, Tfue’s recent frustrations with the Solos Cash Cup tournaments came to light.


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Issues with Cloak and 72hrs

Compounding his recent issues, Tenney split with close friends Cloak and Tom “72hrs” Mulligan in the midst of the Fortnite Champion Series. Tfue felt betrayed by his teammates due to a miscommunication, and more importantly, missing out on a six-figure EA Sports brand deal in favor of practicing for the FCS Grand Finals. In the past week, Tenney has been actively searching for new trios to play with for the Grand Finals. Mulligan and Lepore were unwilling to compromise with Tenney without and apology, and thus Tenney split from the ultra-successful trio.

Cloak Reaches Out

Although Lepore and Tenney were at odds, Lepore reached out to Tenney in consolation during his internal struggles. It’s truly sad to see Tenney experiencing this as he is a staple in the competitive Fortnite community. It is unknown at this point how long Tenney is taking off from streaming. Whether or not he will continue competing in Fortnite is also up in the air. Lepore, Mulligan and Tenney qualified as a trio for the FCS Grand Finals so there is no telling where Tenney stands.

Fortnite Community in Support

The competitive Fortnite community came to the aid of Tenney in his time of need. On top of Lepore, many professional players voiced support for Tfue’s decision in this difficult time. The collective Fortnite fandom is behind Tenney because of his ability to elevate the Battle Royale title to another level. From day one his work ethic and dedication led him to the top and he managed to achieve some impressive accolades.


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In an effort to alleviate his mental health issues, Tfue will effectively step away from streaming until further notice. ESTNN wishes Tenney a speedy recovery and we hope that he returns to form as soon as he feels necessary.

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