Fortnite: “Tfue” Slams Banned Player After Accusations of his Performance

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Fortnite: “Tfue” Slams Banned Player After Accusations of his Performance

Fortnite professional “Tfue” slams banned player after accusations come rolling in after his performance in the World Cup Qualifier on May 4th.

During last week’s qualifiers, week three, many players were found guilty of cheating in a variety of ways – mostly by being “fed” kills. Of these players were the two notorious cheaters, Ronaldo and the former player from Rise Nation “XXiF.”

These players were banned for 14 days and forced to give up their qualifiers spots after the ruling from Epic was released. However, many are speculating that the FaZe player “Tfue” did the same action on May 4th, and are waiting to see if Epic will do something about that.

Note: “fed” kills are when someone lands with another player and letting themselves be killed without putting up a fight. This allows for more points to help the opposing player win. It is intentionally killing yourself in a league or any other game that awards points based off of kills.


Along with many other pros, Tfue was participating in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers on May 4th with his duo partner FaZe Cloak when something “out of the ordinary” occurred off of their drop. Upon dropping, Tfue was able to grab a weapon and kill a player that was defenseless and would continue to take control of his Drop Location. This is where it gets a little confusing, after the game, one of the banned players known as Bad and Wuji would reach out to Tfue on Twitter accusing him of being fed kills and asking Epic to “take charge of the situation.” Bad and Wuji was banned under the same pretense as XXiF, so it is understandable that he is upset; however, trying to blame another player for the same crime seems almost childish.

Tfue responded to Bad and Wuji in two separate tweets, saying “100k people were watching me and how many people were watching you and XXiF? 0 okay dope.”

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Although the statement from the notorious streamer can be seen as an outright flex, he does bring up a good point. He has 100,000 viewers who witness all of his gameplay, and in turn, if he were cheating, his cheats.

Tfue then finished by bashing Bad and Wuji with his final tweet regarding the issue saying, “Like a 14-day ban matters when you suck and won’t qualify anyway.”

In the end, do you think Tfue was in the wrong, or do you think he was honorably defending himself? Let us know via Twitter.

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