Fortnite: Tfue at Odds with Cloak and 72hrs

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Fortnite: Tfue at Odds with Cloak and 72hrs

Competitive Fortnite is on the cusp of a massive $10M USD tournament. Just over a month ago, Epic Games announced the Fortnite Champion Series to kick off Season X. This tournament would include a newly introduced trio format. This format brought together all mixes of top professional players to form a competent team. One of the said teams included Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Dennise “Cloak” Lepore and Tom “72hrs” Mulligan for all competitions within Season X. Having known one another for quite some time, Tfue, Cloak and 72hrs possessed natural communication, raw talent and high-level game sense. These qualities translated as intended into the trio format, which saw them qualify in week two for the Fortnite Champion Series. The future of this trio may be in jeopardy after what took place before the FCS week four qualifier.

The Boiling Point

Tfue took to his Twitch stream on September 7th of 2019 to voice his frustrations with both Cloak and Lepore. In the stream, Tfue stated that Cloak and 72hrs both accepted sponsored stream offers from Madden 20 developers, EA Sports. Unfortunately for Tfue, neither Cloak nor 72hrs clued him in on this decision. The end result of this was Tfue declining the same offer from EA Sports. He allegedly missed out on upwards of $140K USD for declining the Madden developer’s proposal.

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Lacking Practice

A tweet came out from Tfue, which put his frustration with his trio teammates into words. The tweet read “Looking for New Permanent Trio who take Competitive Seriously.” It is unknown if this will materialize into a reality, but Tfue is clearly at odds with Cloak and 72hrs. The Fortnite Champion Series is rapidly winding down, and all practice will make a huge difference heading into Grand Finals. The competitive fire that fuels Tfue has not burnt out quite yet, which is likely what lead to this conflict. On top of missing out on $140K USD, he and his trio are not practicing for one of the larger Fortnite tournaments to date.

Response from 72hrs

72hrs responded to Tfue with a cheeky Tweet of his own whilst referencing World of Warcraft. As of late, both 72hrs and Cloak have been streaming a lot of the newly released World of Warcraft Classic Edition. This once again left Tfue on an island either playing solos or scrimming with other professional players. It is hard to tell how far this conflict will carry out, but the current situation is not promising. Tfue’s suggested resolution would require his trio teammates to front the $140K USD that he missed out on. Only two weeks remain until the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. Tfue, Cloak and 72hrs desperately need to figure out their issues if they hope to contend.

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