Fortnite Teasers Confirm Aquaman Will Appear During Chapter 2 Season 3 And Much More

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Fortnite Teasers Confirm Aquaman Will Appear During Chapter 2 Season 3 And Much More

Teasers for Fortnite’s newest season are starting to trickle in through Twitter.

Fortnite’s The Device event concluded yesterday afternoon, and it was quite the spectacle to behold. Despite the split response from the player base, it was refreshing to see the famous Battle Royale game return to its roots. Fortnite fans had not experienced an in-game event outside of Travis Scott’s Astronomical since the Fortnite Blackout before Chapter 2 Season 1. The Device would not be the end of Fortnite’s clues and hints toward next season.

After the event went off the air, Fortnite’s Twitter account began tweeting out some cryptic clues for what players can expect in Chapter 2 Season 3. We have compiled a list of these teasers in hopes of dissecting what each of them means in the grand scheme.

Teaser #1 – Aquaman’s Trident

The first teaser came down shortly after The Device event concluded yesterday. It was puzzling at first because of how vague the image was. Countless Twitter users came up with their theories as to what this golden structure or item was. After some investigation, the Fortnite community has collectively concluded that this is a trident, as in Aquaman’s primary weapon of choice. Less than 24 hours later, Jason Momoa – who starred in 2018’s DC Comics Film Aquaman – reposted the image of the Fortnite screenshot on his Instagram.

This hint and subsequent investigation seem to confirm the Aquaman crossover with Fortnite. Considering Deadpools presence last season, we can expect that the Battle Pass will feature the DC Comics superhero in some aspect. He may even appear in the game, especially after Deadpool overtook The Yacht location in Chapter 2 Season 2. Fortnite continues down the path of a flooded map that began earlier this season.

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Teaser #2 – Astronaut/Moon Object?

Fortnite’s next teaser came out four hours later. It was quite a change of pace and theme this time around. The object itself in the picture posted on Fortnite’s Twitter account resembles a space object. It looks like a moon, but it’s a far cry from the water theme and the trident uncovered in the first teaser. Chapter 2 Season 3 is pulling in two different directions. However, nearly an hour later, the Twitter user salvatretzzo received a retweet by the Fortnite account with a zoomed-out view of the second teaser.

Now with a separate view, it looks like an astronaut-type skin holding what could be a new grenade of some sort. Some Fortnite fans seem to think that the skin might be a female Dark Voyager skin that appeared back in the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass. Reddit user Amiibofan101 accurately pointed out that the first Chapter 2 Season 3 leaks included Aquaman and a Dark Voyager/Vanguard skin. However, we will not know for sure until the new season’s release.

Teaser #3 – Shipwreck Point of Interest?

The latest teaser to come out of Epic Games will likely be a point of interest in Season 3. Fortnite’s Twitter account sent out a tweet at 7 AM EST this morning, featuring a close-up look at a wrecked ship. A little over an hour later, Twitter user LiaqN_ tweeted a better view of the same screenshot.

In addition to the wrecked ship, this point of interest (POI) includes two tall wooden structures that are similar to lookout towers. Of the three teasers thus far, this is the most difficult to decode because we know that there will be new locations in Season 3. Reddit user NomNomNomNation believes that this shipwreck POI will exist north of The Rig. Regardless of the area, it’s always exciting to have new drop spots for players to experience. This sentiment goes even further now, considering that Chapter 2 Season 2 is finally ending after debuting back in February.

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The hype continues to build around Fortnite’s newest season after a round of teasers. With less than 24 hours remaining until the new season, Fortnite fans might see even more. We know that this season will feature water in some regard, but most likely a flooded map. Everything else will take shape as Chapter 2 Season 3 releases early tomorrow morning on the east coast.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for continued updates in preparation for the new season!

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