Fortnite: Team Brazil Wins NRG Champions Show Over Clix & Deyy

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Fortnite: Team Brazil Wins NRG Champions Show Over Clix & Deyy

See how the NRG Champions Show played out as the world’s top Fortnite players went head-to-head in Zone Wars.

It was a throwdown of epic proportions at the inaugural NRG Champions Show yesterday evening. Executive Producer Grady Rains’ dream event came to fruition in Los Angeles, California, at the NRG Hot Pockets Content Castle, where six duos from across the globe journeyed for a Zone Wars event.

The participants included several FNCS Champions and outstanding players; Queasy and Hen from Europe; Mero and Dukez from NA East; Deyy and Clix from NA East; K1ng and Phzin from South America; Jace and Basil from Australia; Snacky and Favs from NA West. These talented tandems would ultimately face one another first in the Group Stage and then in Bracket Play.

Ultimately, only one duo could call themselves champions, and it was a result that not many predicted ahead of the NRG Champions Show.

NA East Establishes Early Dominance

NRG’s own Clix and Deyy started hot out of the gate in the Group Stage, going a perfect 2-0 against NA West and Brazil. The following group saw Mero and Dukez — who won the FNCS Grand Royale together — escape without dropping a match. It seemed the two NA East titans would inevitably go head-to-head in the Grand Finals, but the Brazil region had other plans.

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Group Stage Results

  • Match One: Clix & Deyy over Phzin & k1ng
  • Match Two: Clix & Deyy over Favs & Snacky
  • Match Three: Favs & Snacky over Phzin & k1ng
  • Match Four: Mero & Dukez over Queasy & Hen
  • Match Five: Mero & Dukez over Jace & Basil
  • Match Six: Queasy & Hen over Jace & Basil


K1ng & Phzin Shock the World, Triumph Over Clix & Deyy

Bracket Play saw Clix and Deyy continue their impressive run, taking out the NA West duo again in a rematch. Meanwhile, the South American team — k1ng and Phzin — dispatched the EU FNCS Champs before pulling a significant upset over Mero and Dukez.

As fate would have it, the Grand Finals set up a rematch between Team NRG and Team Brazil. The rounds were close the entire way, but k1ng and Phzin elevated above their competition. They found their footing in the Grand Finals while reaching match point multiple times. Eventually, k1ng proved he is an advanced version of the 13-year-old phenom we saw at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

The Argentinian FaZe Clan member clutched a 1v2 situation from the low ground to clinch Team Brazil the NRG Champions Show victory. K1ng and Phzin embraced their parents following an impressive display of Zone Wars and ultimately hoisted the golden trophies.

Bracket Play Results

  • Match One: Favs & Snacky over Jace & Basil
  • Match Two: Phzin & k1ng over Queasy & Hen
  • Match Three: Clix & Deyy over Favs & Snacky
  • Match Four: Phzin & k1ng over Mero & Dukez
  • Grand Finals: Phzin & k1ng over Deyy & Clix
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More LAN Events … Please

The NRG Champions Show is another example of what Fortnite offers from an offline tournament perspective. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching the world’s best players squaring off against each other in one location. Epic Games has been rightfully hesitant to host another large-scale event, considering the global pandemic. However, with mask mandates disappearing by the day, let’s hope we’ll see another LAN event soon.

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