Fortnite: Tactical Sprint Feature Coming Soon, Leaks Reveal

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Fortnite: Tactical Sprint Feature Coming Soon, Leaks Reveal

Reliable sources in the Fortnite scene have learned that Epic Games is working on a Tactical Sprint mechanic.

Fortnite developer Epic Games introduced many new mechanics in Chapter 3 Season 1. Sliding took center stage, considering it had never appeared in prior seasons. The addition of a sliding mechanic meant Fortnite was continuing to evolve from a gameplay perspective–adding new elements to an already complex experience. 

It may have seemed that Epic Games would allow this new mechanic to find its place in Fortnite before adding more. However, leaks have revealed that the developers have been actively working on a “Tactical Sprint” feature over the last few days. If true, it would add another dynamic movement element to the game. 

Everything we Know About Tactical Sprint

Data miner HYPEX took to Twitter with information regarding this new in-game mechanic. Like recent Call of Duty titles, Tactical Sprint grants players quicker movement than the usual running motion. It will allow for well-timed attacks and can catch opposing players off guard. Based on HYPEX’s tweet, the mechanic increases average sprint speed, especially moving downhill. 

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The one drawback mentioned in the tweet is a screen-shaking component that makes visibility more difficult. In any case, the combination of sliding and now Tactical Sprint should speed gameplay up significantly. 

Epic Games has not officially revealed the new mechanic, so we’ll have to wait for a future update. We can expect to see Tactical Sprint in a future Tuesday update as usual. 

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