Fortnite Star “Clix” Leaves NRG

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Fortnite Star “Clix” Leaves NRG

Fortnite superstar Cody “Clix” Conrod has officially left NRG after being under the esports brand's banner for two years.

Clix is undoubtedly one of Fortnite's best players currently, who also possesses a solid fan base. His career dates back before the inaugural Fortnite World Cup. He qualified for the Solos and Duos portion of the event, finishing 18th and 36th. 

Since that time, Clix enjoyed a lengthy stay with Misfits Gaming before signing with NRG. That stint has come to an end, according to the 17-year-old. Naturally, many wonder what happened and ponder the next move for Clix. 

Clix Parts Ways with NRG Unexpectedly

The professional Fortnite player took to Twitter yesterday, teasing an announcement. Not many followers expected what would follow; Clix's decision to walk away from NRG. He joined the organization in July of 2020 and continued his exponential growth as a content creator and competitor. 

Clix went live for the announcement on his Twitch channel. However, he did provide much context behind the decision. The young Fortnite star would not say whether he plans on joining another esports brand. It was a rather abrupt ending to the era of NRG Clix. 

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Under NRG, Clix won the Bugha Throwback Cup, a DreamHack competition, several Cash Cups and reached the Grand Finals of six Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) events. While NRG had little involvement in those achievements, Clix became a staple for its content and boosted its reputation.

Why Did Clix Leave NRG?

The question on everyone's mind is: why did Clix leave NRG? It's challenging to say with certainty what went down between Clix and NRG. The 17-year-old last appeared in an NRG YouTube video on February 9. It's worth noting that Clix's close friend “Stable Ronaldo” parted ways with NRG last month. 

NRG's Executive Producer — Grady Rains — tweeted about the situation:

“sorry guys just need some processing time. i want to be clear, there's no beef between clix and I or anyone at NRG. i clearly wasn't prepared for today, and shouldn't have forced anything. i'll try to give a full update sometime soon”

An emotional Rains also touched on Clix's exit via his Twitch stream. He didn't provide much reasoning behind what unfolded between them. Instead, he took the time to say that Clix embodies what NRG stands for—later emphasizing his excitement for the young star's future. 

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What's Next for Clix?

Fortnite player Clix with his arms crossed

Only a small group of people knows what lies in Clix's future. He did not immediately commit to the idea of joining another esports organization. Quite frankly, he may not feel the need to sign with another. 

Could he pull a Turner “Tfue” Tenney and ride out the next few months or years as a solo? That seems possible at this stage. Clix mentioned during his brief stream that he has many announcements lined up but did not divulge what those entail. We'll have to wait and see what's next for Clix following his departure from NRG's Fortnite division. 

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