Fortnite: Soundwave Series to Feature Brazilian Artist Emicida

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Fortnite: Soundwave Series to Feature Brazilian Artist Emicida

Fortnite’s Soundwave Series returns on April 29 with Brazilian rap artist Emicida. 

Following January’s Soundwave Series featuring Tones and I, Fortnite has announced a collaboration with Emicida. A celebrated artist in Brazil—Leandro “Emicida” Roque de Oliveira began creating music in 2005. Since then, the 36-year-old has produced numerous records while sporting nearly 2M Twitter followers. 

His Soundwave Series outing begins April 29, where fans can attend to hear Emicida’s music and enjoy a visual experience. Here’s everything you need to know about this Soundwave Series installment. 

Soundwave Series Featuring Emicida

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Epic Games collaborated with map makers BertBuilds, Paradox Builds and Zen Creative to construct a unique setting for Emicida’s Fortnite debut. According to Epic’s blog post, the concert shares Emicida’s path from a street rapper to superstardom in Brazil. The developers also teased upcoming Soundwave Series events featuring Japanese pop artist Gen Hoshino and French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura.

How to Attend the Emicida Soundwave Series & Unlock Exclusive Cosmetics

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Those looking to attend the event can do so using the Creative Map Code 6929-7613-7801 beginning on April 29 at 6 PM EST. After entering the code, you’ll load into the Soundwave Series concert. The event runs consistently for 72 hours straight until May 2 at 6 PM EST, so there are plenty of chances.

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Prior to the event on April 28 at 8 PM EST, Epic Games will release the Keep Going Lobby Track and Triumphant Emote in the Item Shop. These two items celebrate Emicida’s concert. Furthermore, those that queue into the event will receive experience points (XP) and an exclusive Emicida Spray. 

Here are some additional notes per Epic Games for content creators that would like to publish reactionary videos:

  • In order to monetize their Emicida show content, SAC members need to link their YouTube and Support-A-Creator accounts.
  • IMPORTANT: When uploading the content to YouTube, be sure to upload it as Unlisted or Public. If you upload the video as Private, it is possible you could receive a monetization claim on your video.
  • For uploading the content on other platforms, refer to your channel’s platform policies for tips on how to avoid copyright strikes.
  • Not in SAC? Don’t worry, you can still share your highlights from the experience. However, you will not be able to monetize this content on YouTube.
  • Be sure to check out the event when it goes live next Friday, and be on the lookout for the exclusive cosmetics on April 28. 

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