Fortnite Solos Cash Cup September 25 Recap and Results

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Fortnite Solos Cash Cup September 25 Recap and Results

With the Season X Championship Finals in the rear-view, competitive Fortnite rolls on with the Solos Cash Cups. In this transitional period, players only have the option to participate in these weekly tournaments. The squads' format for the next Fortnite Champion Series is not ready yet, so players cannot dabble in professional squad scrims. Nonetheless, Solos Cash Cups tend to provide some interesting results that typically revolve around high-level professionals. Let’s see how the competition shook out for the September 25th iteration.

NA East

Nick “SEN Aspect” McGuire achieved victory in the NA East Contenders Solos Cash Cup. Over 15 played matches, Aspect amassed a whopping 118 points and 4 Victory Royales. He led off the tournament with a 12 elimination Victory Royale and it would only improve from there. He put up 54 eliminations overall en route to victory. To cap off his run, he achieved two consecutive Victory Royales of 8 eliminations to secure the victory. Aspect adds yet another impressive placement to his competitive Fortnite resume.

NA West

We are well on the way toward crowning KNG Maken1x as the king of the Cash Cups. This victory in the NA West Contenders Solos Cash Cup marks his third win in the past two weeks. This time around, Maken maximized his opportunities with 15 matches played. Over that span of matches, Maken accumulated 1 Victory Royale to compliment 58 eliminations. His lone elimination took place in match number two, where he decimated the lobby with 15 eliminations. Maken amassed 112 points in total, finishing 3 points ahead of a fellow professional player, wavyjacob.

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14-year-old Russian Fortnite player Kiryache32 took the win at the European Contenders Solos Cash Cup. Coming off of a Grand Finals appearance at the Fortnite Champion Series, Kiryache32 continued his impressive play. He only managed to complete 11 matches but earned an outstanding 114 points in total. His winning effort came about from 2 Victory Royales and 60 eliminations. Kiryache began his run with an 11 elimination Victory Royale and kept up the momentum over the ensuing 10 matches. He ultimately finished 5 points clear of second-place to continue his consistent Solos Cash Cup performances.


Well-known Oceania player skyla secured his third Solos Cash Cup victory this week. His success in these tournaments mirrors that of Maken1x, albeit in a completely different region. Skyla’s effort over 15 matches produced 128 points in total with 3 Victory Royales and 62 eliminations. Match two proved to be his best wherein he accumulated 16 eliminations and the Victory Royale. He continues to put the entire OCE region on notice with his mind-blowing Cash Cup performances.


The highly ranked Henrique “kurtz” Kurtz took down the Brazilian Contenders Solos Cash Cup. Fresh off of earning the Brazilian Season X Champion crown, kurtz continues his success. Over just 11 matches, he managed 1 Victory Royale on top of 30 eliminations. He opened up the tournament with 14 eliminations and his only Victory Royale. Kurtz proceeded to earn three runner-up finishes with multiple eliminations throughout. The young professional Fortnite player is in the midst of an impressive run having won two championships in the last week.

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SinOoh of T1 dominated the Asia Contenders Solos Cash Cup. He won over half of his matches with 6 Victory Royales in just 11 total matches. During this run, he put up 62 eliminations and a total of 143 points. Ultimately, SinOoh finished a whopping 29 points ahead of second-place en route to one of the most convincing victories we have seen in the Solos Cash Cups. The perennial Asia region contender furthers his solo track record with this outstanding performance.

Middle East

Fresh off of a 21st place finish in the Middle East Season X Finals, Exp QnDx achieved victory in the Contenders Solos Cash Cup. Over 15 matches, he managed 123 points which include 3 Victory Royales and an impressive 68 eliminations. To cap off his tournament, QnDx put up back-to-back 10 elimination matches with 1 Victory Royale. This ultimately vaulted him to the top where he remained when the tournament came to a close. he ultimately finished 11 points clear of second-place to claim victory.

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