Fortnite Solos Cash Cup September 11 Recap and Results

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Fortnite Solos Cash Cup September 11 Recap and Results

The September 11th playing of the Fortnite Contenders Solos Cash Cup provided welcomed practice for top players. With Fortnite solo tournaments few and far between, these types of competitions for decent cash works wonders for those both in and out of practice. On top of this, the Cash Cups provide solid content for highly skilled players looking to build an audience for their streams. Fifteen matches are the maximum for these tournaments and we typically see some high-level plays throughout. Citing an issue with the timing of patch v10.30, the Oceania and Asia regions did not play out today. Here are the results for the Solos Cash Cup for September 11th.

NA East

The NA East Solos Cash Cup is typically the most compelling region to watch week in and week out. Many view NA East as the strongest and most competitive region due to the pool of players that compete within. Players like Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf and Timothy “Bizzle” Miller are just a few who compete primarily in NA East tournaments. The September 11th playing of the Solos Cash Cup produced some newer names atop the leaderboard.

Finishing in first place with 115 points in total was A1 Tuexy. Representing A1 Clan, Tuexy’s path to victory included fifty-seven eliminations and three Victory Royales. With NA East usually playing closer at the top, Tuexy finished safely in front of second place by a mere six points. The young sixteen-year-old walks away with 1.5K along with the clout of ultimate victory.

Second place went to thwifo of Ghost Gaming. Many recognize thwifo as having some of the most sound mechanics in all of competitive Fortnite. This was in full display during the Solos Cash Cup. Thwifo only needed forty-nine eliminations en route to a 109 point showing. The four Victory Royales he earned most certainly did not hurt his cause. Thwifo maximized his run by playing all fifteen matches and made them worth his while. His prize winnings totaled out to $1K USD.

Rounding out the top three is Av of MRKN. He tied both XXiF and thwifo in points and ultimately benefited from fifty-four eliminations. On top of the eliminations, Av also managed two Victory Royales over twelve played matches. His last match proved to be the difference-maker as he edged out XXiF for third. Av had four eliminations and a twenty-first place finish in his final match, which ultimately vaulted him into third place.

NA West

Favs. won the NA West region by a razor-thin margin over Au Jace and spideyy. He managed to complete fifteen matches and finished with a total of 104 points. Favs’ path to victory saw him put up fifty-two eliminations and two Victory Royales. He had two separate ten elimination matches with one resulting in a Victory Royale. Ultimately favs. eked out the Cash Cup victory by just one point.

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Au Jace finished in second place with 103 points. He competed in fifteen total matches and earned two Victory Royales in the process. Au Jace’s best match during the tournament was his first game, where he went off with sixteen eliminations and one Victory Royale. He came close but ultimately fell just short of favs, however still an impressive performance out of the NA West competitor.

Third place went to spideyy who matched Au Jace with 103 points. He played two fewer matches than Jace but managed the same amount of Victory Royales. The eliminations fell in favor of Au Jace, as he earned fifty-one to spideyy’s forty-two. This determined the final placement for both players. All in all, spideyy played admirably and is a name to look out for going forward in the Solos Cash Cup competitions.


Chapix 74 reigned supreme in the European region of the Solos Cash Cup. Compiling 121 points overall, chapix’s run began strong with a sixteen elimination Victory Royale. He went on to put up forty-eight eliminations overall and three Victory Royales. Chapix averaged just under four eliminations per match and relied heavily on Victory Royales to take the top spot. This is chapix’s second straight Wednesday Solos Cash Cup top-five finish. His award was $2.5K USD for this strong effort.

Second place went to Fortnite World Cup Finalist, Crue. After recently joining Team SoloMid, his confidence and skill set have reached an all-time high. He played out fourteen total matches through this competition and wound up compiling 116 points. Crue earned a total of fifty-three eliminations and two Victory Royales. The sixth-place finisher from the Fortnite World Cup fared well against the intense European competition. Crue walked away with $2K USD in prize money.

Teeq of Dynamind is a Polish Fortnite player best known for his third-place finish at the European Blackheart Cup. The Solos Cash Cup saw teeq finish slightly behind Crue by only two points. Overall he earned 114 points with fifty-six eliminations and two Victory Royales as contributing factors. He finished ahead of some of the top European players, which is undoubtedly a difficult feat to accomplish. Teeq’s prize winnings totaled out to $1.25K USD.

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The Brazilian region saw jpsk1ng finish in first place with a whopping 127 points. As one of the higher-ranked South American players, it is not surprising to see him take the top spot. His path to victory saw him amassing a mind-boggling seventy-four eliminations and three Victory Royales. Jpsk1ng produced one of the more impressive performances across all regions for this iteration of the Solos Cash Cup. After finishing in second last week, he earned an elusive victory and $750 USD.

Тzuyυ ultimately walked away with a second-place finish for the Brazil region. Finishing just three points behind first, тzuyυ completed fifteen matches and earned three Victory Royales. On top of this, he put up sixty-four total eliminations. His run towards second place also included an unbelievable nineteen elimination Victory Royale. There is no understating how closely contested first and second place were this week. Тzuyυ finished in first last week and pocketed $450 USD for this second-place finish.

Pulgaboy rounded out the top three and is a fresh face in the top five of the Brazil region. He finished two points out of second place and five points out of first. This truly displays how just one solid match could have vaulted any of these players into first place. Pulgaboy played out thirteen total matches and earned three Victory Royales. His tournament run began with an eleven elimination Victory Royale. At the completion of the tournament, Pulgaboy ultimately eliminated fifty-one opponents en route to this third-place finish. Pulgaboy’s prize winnings for this performance totaled out to $350 USD.

Middle East

First place for the Middle East region went to iiUniit. With 119 points, iiUniit did just enough to warrant a hard-earned victory. He compiled forty-eight eliminations at the conclusion of the tournament and also won three matches. iiUniit did not provide the most flashy performance, but overall his average placement of 16th place did wonders for his final accumulated points.

NetloV finished just behind iiUniit in second place with 113 points. He completed fourteen matches and had fifty-nine eliminations overall. It was just one Victory Royale that kept him from winning the tournament. One point ultimately separated each of the top five placements with the exception of first place. NetloV’s game-changing effort came in his thirteenth match, where he compiled thirteen eliminations and a third-place finish. Not a bad showing by any means out of the Middle East region.


Stay tuned to ESTNN for as the end of the Fortnite Champion Series rapidly approaches.

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