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Fortnite: Solos Cash Cup | August 29th Recap

Fortnite Solos Cash Cup
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Although many professionals do not enjoy the Solos Cash Cups, these tournaments are still interesting to watch. With fifteen games in total, players have more freedom to push for eliminations instead of hanging back. On top of that, it also gives players the opportunity to earn some money outside of normal streaming or larger scale tournaments. Here is the region-by-region breakdown of the August 29th Solos Cash Cup.

NA East

The NA East region provided an impressive sixty-one elimination performance from KNG Unknown. He took home first place overall. Ghost Gaming players, innocents and Saf, also managed a top five finish with forty-nine and forty-five eliminations respectively. Overall these players produced an incredible amount of eliminations and Victory Royales to crack the top five.

1. KNG Unknown

$5,50014 matches106 points61 eliminations2 Victory Royales

2. RS clarityG

$4,00014 matches105 points45 eliminations4 Victory Royales

3. Ghost Saf

$2,50013 matches104 points45 eliminations3 Victory Royales

4. CadrentTV

$1,75014 matches102 points48 eliminations2 Victory Royales

5. ghost innocents

$1,50014 matches101 points49 eliminations2 Victory Royales

NA West

Apart from wavyjacob, a lot of lesser-known names populate the NA West leaderboard. Maken finished in first with an astounding sixty-two eliminations and three Victory Royales. Wavy took came in second with sixty-five eliminations of his own and two Victory Royales. These two finished far ahead of the rest of the leaderboard.

1. maken

$2,50013 matches129 points62 eliminations3 Victory Royales

2. wavyjacob

$2,00015 matches105 points65 eliminations2 Victory Royales

3. 1400 Joel

$1,50013 matches98 points43 eliminations2 Victory Royales

4. Chicken

$1,25015 matches97 points41 eliminations3 Victory Royales

5. Sogys TV

$80014 matches95 points45 eliminations1 Victory Royale


Erouce took first for the European region. He amassed an unfathomable sixty-nine eliminations over the maximum of fifteen matches. He included three Victory Royales en route to a first place finish. Stompy of Eleven Gaming took second with fifty total eliminations. He earned two Victory Royales and $5K USD for his efforts.

1. Erouce

$7,00015 matches119 points69 eliminations3 Victory Royales

2. E11 Stompy

$5,00014 matches107 points50 eliminations2 Victory Royales

3. chapix 74

$3,50014 matches100 points46 eliminations3 Victory Royales

4. advise_FN

$2,25013 matches96 points53 eliminations0 Victory Royales


$1,75013 matches92 points27 eliminations2 Victory Royales


The young Brazilian phenom by the name of Kinng too first for Brazil. It was not close by any stretch as he racked up twenty-three more points than second place. He blew the competition away with seventy-eight eliminations and 1 Victory Royale. Quite an impressive performance by the World Cup finalist.

1. kinng

$2,50015 matches125 points78 eliminations1 Victory Royale


$2,00013 matches102 points52 eliminations3 Victory Royales

3. DC MysticK

$1,50013 matches101 points40 eliminations3 Victory Royales

4. zEkO

$1,25015 matches94 points47 eliminations1 Victory Royale

5. TLS Cadu

$80013 matches93 points46 eliminations3 Victory Royales


1. NL.Maeser

$1,00012105 points56 eliminations1 Victory Royale

2. MGT Lettuce

$7501195 points42 eliminations3 Victory Royales

3. 覚醒KENTAch_SR

$5501395 points39 eliminations1 Victory Royale

4. T1 SinOoh

$4001290 points34 eliminations2 Victory Royales

5. WE_Xiaojie.CN

$3001290 points34 eliminations2 Victory Royales

Middle East

The Middle East region saw POWER Yonx  coming out on top after the time limit ended. Over thirteen matches, he put up forty-seven eliminations and earned three Victory Royales. He finished seven points clear of ToRmen, who took second. ToRmen eliminated forty-six opponents and earned two Victory Royales.

1. POWER Yonx

$1,00013 matches104 points47 eliminations3 Victory Royales

2. ToRmen

$75014 matches97 points46 eliminations2 Victory Royales

3. DiE Sane

$55012 matches87 points35 eliminations1 Victory Royale

4. RSG Invoke

$40012 matches86 points30 eliminations2 Victory Royales

5. TR Souriano

$30014 matches86 points39 eliminations1 Victory Royale


Last, but not least, is the Oceania region. Xavier 23rd won the tournament with 114 points. Sixty eliminations and four Victory Royales contributed to his overall point total. In second place was Eshz Yt, who earned 103 points in total. Eshz had fifty eliminations and 2 Victory Royales over nine matches.

1. Xavier 23rd

$1,00011 matches114 points60 eliminations4 Victory Royales

2. Eshz Yt

$7509 matches103 points50 eliminations2 Victory Royales

3. RepulseGod

$55014 matches87 points42 eliminations3 Victory Royales

4. Washing Machine

$4001187 points37 eliminations2 Victory Royales

5. zoreh

$3001487 points52 eliminations1 Victory Royale

Stay tuned to ESTNN as we cover the remaining weeks in the Fortnite Champion Series and all other stories as they happen.

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