Fortnite: September 18th Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results

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Fortnite: September 18th Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results

The September 18th Contender’s Solos Cash Cup finished with some newer faces coming out victorious. In general, the results of these Cash Cups vary due to the solos format. Players can only rely on themselves in these tournaments and the variance level increases significantly. At any given moment, a player can fall a heavy sniper effectively ruining that match. Fortunately for all players, there is plenty of wiggle room as they all have a maximum of 15 games to work with. The Cash Cup format allows players to blend w-key matches with placement matches to utilize the opportunity. Let’s see who triumphed across all regions for this iteration of the Solos Cash Cup.

NA East

Taking home the win for the NA East region was Ferrrnando1x. He began the tournament with a six elimination Victory Royale and never let the lead slip away. Ferrrnando went on to compile 52 eliminations in total to compliment 4 Victory Royales. His effort also yielded Victory Royales including 10, 9 and 6 eliminations. Overall this amounted to 116 points, which gave Ferrrnando the win by just 5 points. The first time winner will be looking to build on this performance with plenty of Cash Cups remaining.

NA West

After calling his shot, KNG Maken1x captured the NA West Solos Cash Cup victory. The competition was not even close in retrospect as Maken dominated with 132 points in total. He played out 13 matches and earned 3 Victory Royales throughout the tournament. Maken amassed 69 eliminations in his winning effort with a singular performance of 14 eliminations in his final game. He finished 11 points ahead of wavyjacob, who ultimately took second place.

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Chapix 74 took down the European Solos Cash Cup narrowly over NRG benjyfishy. He joins a shortlist of players to win consecutive Solos Cash Cup tournaments. Chapix and benjyfishy tied in points at the conclusion of the tournament, but the tie-breaker went in favor of chapix. Over 13 played matches, chapix earned 3 Victory Royales. His first match accounted for one of those Victory Royales in which he dominated with 18 total eliminations. In all, his effort produced 67 eliminations, which fell short in comparison to the 73 eliminations of benjyfishy.

A tie-breaker ultimately decided the victor, according to the Cash Cup rules:

“Tiebreakers will be determined in the order presented here: (1) total points scored; (2) total Victory Royales in the session; (3) average eliminations in the session; (4) average placement per match in the session; (5) total seconds survived across all matches; and finally (6) a coin flip.”

Chapix won due to his 5.15 average eliminations per match compared to benjyfishy’s 4.87. We can expect similar results going forward as the Europe region possesses an endless pool of talent.


One of the Oceania kings is none other than, Link, who is a multiple-time qualifier of the Fortnite Champion Series Finals. He exists among the top of that region with a select few who are always a threat to take down any given tournament. This time around, Link blew away the other competitors for this iteration of the Solos Cash Cup. Overall he put up 157 points, which included an astounding 5 Victory Royales over 12 matches and 84 eliminations. He finished ahead of second place by 36 points and gave no other player a chance to challenge him.

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KNG Thome pulled out the victory for the Brazil region. The final results were close, with Thome earning 128 points over 14 matches. He finished 8 points ahead of second-place after compiling 65 eliminations and 3 Victory Royales. Thome’s best game yielded results of 10 eliminations and the Victory Royale. He is undoubtedly one of the top players in the Brazil region, and this performance adds to his impressive resume.


First place for the Contender’s Solos Cash Cup in the Asia region went to Bob xd_o. He earned the victory over ultra-successful Asian player, CR Ruri, by just a mere 3 points. With 117 points overall, Bob completed the maximum of 15 matches and made them count. He earned 4 Victory Royales and managed 57 eliminations throughout. Bob’s second match produced 14 eliminations on top of the Victory Royale. Ruri made it interesting, but this was Bob’s week for the Asia region.

Middle East

A familiar name, DS, convincingly took down the Middle East Solos Cash Cup. We’ve seen pop up in several of these tournaments. This time around, earned 141 points over 14 matches. absolutely demolished an entire lobby during his final match for the Cash Cup. In total, he eliminated 19 players and achieved the Victory Royale. He finished ahead of organizational teammate, QnDx, by only 5 points. continues to reign supreme over the other competitors in the Middle East region.


Stay tuned to ESTNN for further coverage of the Cash Cups and the Fortnite Champion Series Finals happening this weekend!

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