Fortnite: September 14th Trios Cash Cup Recap and Results

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Fortnite: September 14th Trios Cash Cup Recap and Results

North America East

trios sept 14 na east

Voil, TeeJay and VYX took first convincingly for the NA East Trios Cash Cup. They put up 199 points over 11 matches with 3 Victory Royales. It was an impressive showing out of a team newly appearing on the NA East leaderboard. Voil, TeeJay and VYX combined for an astounding 97 eliminations in their winning effort. Six of their matches amounted to double-digit eliminations.

Second place went to Tezza, ar roqz, and Gandhi dabdabdab, who scored 180 points over 13 matches. The drop-off to second place is noticeable, but the first and second place teams were the only two who scored over 175 points. Their 81 eliminations were the highlight of their run to second place. Tezza, roqz and Gandhi clutched up in their final match with 10 eliminations and the Victory Royale.

Rounding out the top three for NA East was Astonish Aimots, EVD Co1azo and Wyggs. They finished with 175 points, which is just 5 fewer points than second place. This trio maximized their opportunities after playing out all 15 matches. Overall they managed 3 Victory Royales and an impressive 100 eliminations. This performance included a 21 elimination Victory Royale, which took place in their second match. Unfortunately, Astonish Aimbots, EVD Co1azo and Wyggs came up just short of second place. The trio played extremely well, especially in the elimination department.

North America West

trios sept 14 na west

Unsurprisingly, and yet again, Liquid Cented, rehx and FLY Edgey absolutely smoked the competition during the NA West Trios Cash Cup. Under the assumed aliases of Mazer Tfue, Mazer Mongraal and Mazer Bugha, needed only 11 matches to decimate all opponents in their sights. Cented, rehx and Edgey amassed 122 eliminations with 5 Victory Royales. Some of their highlights include winning their first three matches and having a 25 elimination Victory Royale. Since the introduction of trios, this marks their seventh victory.

Love Naga, CoolPenguin48 and Voxie finished in second place with 193 points. They played out only 10 matches and managed to win half of them with 5 Victory Royales. Overall this trio combined for 91 eliminations and gave the reigning NA West trio a run for their money. Naga, Penguin and Voxie put forth a strong effort and did a lot after only playing 10 total matches. The highlight of their tournament showing was a 15 elimination Victory Royale, which contributed significantly to their final point count.

In third place was the familiar trio team of 100T Ceice, 100T Elevate and Liquid Riversan. This trio has flown under the radar during these Trios Cash Cups and the Fortnite Champion Series. They have yet to qualify for the FCS Grand Finals but are still performing very well in the NA West region. This go-around produced 187 points for the Ceice, Elevate and Riversan. This included 2 Victory Royales over 15 matches. They broke the 100 elimination threshold with 103 total eliminations and capped off their run with a 16 elimination Victory Royale.

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trios sept 14 eu

The trio of Solary Airwaks, LeStream Vato and Solary Nikof momentarily dethroned FaZe Mongraal, mitr0 and NRG benjyfishy in this Trios Cash Cup. It was a great showing for a trio that is constantly lurking around the top of the European leaderboards. Vato, Airwaks and Nikof gave everything they had and put up 195 points and a whopping 6 Victory Royales. On top of this, the dynamic trio had combined for 87 eliminations. Ultimately, they earned the win by 15 points over the European titans.

In second place are the familiar names of FaZe Mongraal, NRG benjyfishy and mitr0. This trio lives and breathes at the top of the European scene and are heavy favorites heading into the FCS Grand Finals. Slaying is their forte, and in this regard, they shined with 126 eliminations and 3 Victory Royales. There is no doubt that Mongraal, mitr0 and benjyfishy are the team to beat heading into the Fortnite Champion Series finale.

Finishing 15 points behind our last team was the trio of K1nzell, Secret_Milan and crr. This trio played out 15 matches and had 3 Victory Royales in total. Overall they managed 94 eliminations and 20 of those occurred in one game in which they achieved a Victory Royale. K1nzeel, Milan and crr are most certainly on the shortlist of teams in play to compete at the FCS Grand Finals.


trios sept 14 brazil

First place for the Brazil Trios Cash Cup went to BrYANNftn, zDubuh and teruel lul. They managed to complete 14 matches and won almost half of them with 6 Victory Royales. In total, they put up an astounding 244 points to take first place by a country mile. BrYANNftn, zDubuh and teruel lul were slayers of the Brazil region with 121 eliminations between the three of them. Ultimately, their margin of victory put all eyes on this trio moving forward.

The trio of RED Snow, RED Avlr and RED technoviking are no strangers to the Brazilian leaderboards. They have already qualified for the FCS Grand Finals and added to their dominance in this iteration of the Trios Cash Cup. Over 14 matches played, Snow, technoviking and Avlr earned 3 Victory Royales and 128 eliminations. It is not often that a 206 point effort does not yield victory. Nevertheless, Snow, Avlr and technoviking are ready for the FCS conclusion.

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Third place went to the familiar trio of Pulgaboy, zotieboy and Barboysa. This is yet another trio who have already qualified for the FCS Grand Finals. Consistent play is important in Fortnite tournaments, and this trio are live to make an impact at the finals. Their performance this time around produced 196 points and 3 Victory Royales. Pulgaboy, zotieboy and Barboysa are in the running of top Brazilian teams as the FCS comes to a close.


trios sept 14 oceania

Keeping up with the pattern of dominant teams, Link, worthy and Gooboz won yet another Fortnite Trios Cash Cup in Oceania. This team is undoubtedly one of the top three teams in the OCE region, and might even be the best. Link, worthy and Gooboz have placed in first for every OCE Trios Cash Cup. They completed a total of 13 matches with 4 Victory Royales. Collectively they put up 113 eliminations. Their Trios Cash Cup concluded with 20 elimination Victory Royale.

Second place went to another familiar trio in skyla, slaya and Gheez. They’ve already qualified for the FCS Grand Finals and remain amongst the best in the region. This trio put up 206 points with 98 eliminations and 3 Victory Royales. Gheez, slaya and skyla began their tournament with a 17 elimination Victory Royale. Needless to say, this team exists amongst the top of the Oceania region.

Jynx, mrfreshasian and rel yt finished in third place for the Oceania region. This trio is one of the more consistent squads in this region having place top four in two of the FCS Qualifiers. Their effort in the Trios Cash Cup yielded 202 points with 115 eliminations and 3 Victory Royales. Mrfreshasian is no stranger to Fortnite competitions and continues to play well along with Jynx and rel yt.


trios sept 14 asia

Last, but not least, the Asia region for the Trios Cash Cup went to OPGG_FaxFox, T1 Sexyboy and I STAN Peterpan. Overall, Perepan might be the most significant player in the entire region. He consistently appears at the top of the leaderboard, as does Sexyboy and FaxFox. This time around, these three accumulated 170 points along with 3 Victory Royales and 83 eliminations. The performance speaks for itself, in that Peterpan, Sexyboy and FaxFox are marquee names in the Asia region. Their last two matches yielded Victory Royales.

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