Fortnite: September 12th Solos Cash Cup | Recap and Results

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Fortnite: September 12th Solos Cash Cup | Recap and Results

The September 12th iteration of the Solos Cash Cup played across all qualifying regions in competitive Fortnite. With a wide array of top talents and personalities included, the idea is to accumulate as many points as possible over a maximum of fifteen matches. In recent weeks, we have seen similar names atop the leaderboard. Let’s see how each region played out for those who finished in the top five for each region.

North America East

Fortnite Solos Cash Cup September 12 NA East

The NA East Solos Cash Cup wrapped up with Kiox winning the tournament. A 111 point performance comfortably placed him above the other top five finishers. He participated in only twelve matches and won two of those which significantly added to his total. Kiox amassed fifty-two eliminations amounting to an eleven-point margin between him and second place.


Second place went to GA_KEZKD, who reached the 100 point mark after fourteen total matches. He earned an impressive three Victory Royales over that span of matches and just thirty-six eliminations. Although he lacked in the elimination department, KEZKD performed consistent enough to warrant a top-five finish over some of NA East’s best players.

Usual suspect, clean tigers, finished with 96 points in third place for the NA East Solos Cash Cup. Competing primarily out of the Oceania region, clean tigers is no stranger to NA East leaderboards. He and his trio of kinghitter69 and yoink meister defeated all contenders in the Fortnite Champion Series Week Four Qualifier. Clean tigers can add yet another top NA East finish to his resume. He completed fourteen matches with one Victory Royale and forty-four eliminations. Clean tigers continues to be a thorn in the side of all NA East competitors.

North America West

fortnite solo sept 12 naw

Another week, and another insane performance out of FLY Edgey. Many know Edgey as a top contender in the Fortnite Champion Series with teammates Liquid Cented and rehx. The Solos Cash Cup provided Edgey some solid practice on his own, which he took full advantage of. Edgey played out fourteen matches and compiled 107 points with fifty-six eliminations and three Victory Royales. This elevated him above Lanjok, who took second place. Edgey’s end result was in question until his final match, where he put up six eliminations and a Victory Royale to secure the victory.


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In second place was Lanjok of Complexity Gaming. He made a good run at Edgey but ultimately fell short with 104 points of his own to the 107 points put up by Edgey. Nonetheless, Lanjok achieved four Victory Royales and forty-one eliminations. Winning his last match put him safely in second place, and he securely finished in that spot.

Rounding out the top three was Liquid Riversan, who is undoubtedly one of the top Fortnite players in the world. This is his first noteworthy experience in the Solos Cash Cup, and he completed three Victory Royales in the process. Adding on forty-four eliminations ultimately placed him one point behind Lanjok. Overall, Riversan earned 103 points and added a third-place finish to his illustrious competitive history.


fortnite solo sept 12 eu

Competing out of Denmark, Anas0452 made his first top-five appearance for the European Solos Cash Cup. With 106 points, Anas0452 tied with Sweden’s own, Erouce. The leaderboard flipped often over the four-hour time limit for the Solos Cash Cup. The performed admirably in the Cash Cup with fifty-three eliminations and three Victory Royales. Anas0452’s best match yielded thirteen eliminations an a Victory Royale.


For the Anas0452, the tiebreaker leaned in his favor due to earning two more Victory Royales than Erouce. However, Erouce played well in his own right and is no stranger to the Solos Cash Cup leaderboards. He competed in the maximum fifteen matches to the tune of fifty-nine eliminations and one Victory Royale. His fifteen match stretch started slowly but picked up toward where he accomplished several second-place finishes. Had any of those matches resulted in a Victory Royale, he would have taken first place for the tournament.

This place went to the ultra-popular and talented, mitr0. He is well-known for his duo partnership with FaZe Mongraal and recent trio success with NRG benjyfishy. Mitr0 completed fifteen matches in total and earned two Victory Royales in the process. He trounced first and second place in terms of eliminations with sixty-one. Heading into the last match mitr0 needed a solid match to put him convincingly in the top five. He did just that with a ten elimination Victory Royale to cap off an impressive showing.

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fortnite solo sept 12 brazil

Andreoli finished in first ahead of Pulgaboy by just one point to win the Solos Cash Cup for the Brazil region. In total, he completed thirteen matches and performed well overall with four Victory Royales and 111 points. In addition to this, he put up fifty-one eliminations, but the Victory Royales separated him from the pack. Perrenial contender, Pulgaboy, put up a solid effort and ended up finishing with 110 points. As a usual contender in this region, Pulgaboy remains at the top in terms of Solos Cash Cups for Brazil.


fortnite solo sept 12 asia

Milfy1 took down the Solos Cash Cup for the Asia region. Over fourteen matches, he accumulated a paltry forty eliminations when comparing to other regions. The effort was there, however, as he clutched up and earned four Victory Royales. This display eventually separated milfy1 from the remainder of the top five and he went on to collect the top prize.


fortnite solo sept 12 oceania

The Oceania Solos Cash Cup experienced total domination at the hands of kquid. After only playing eleven matches, kquid blew away the competition with 122 points. He managed two Victory Royales on top of sixty-one eliminations. Kquid executed perfectly in two consecutive matches where he earned back-to-back Victory Royles with twelve and thirteen eliminations respectively. His average placement throughout the tournament was 11.45, which undoubtedly helped him attain the top spot.

Middle East

fortnite solo sept 12 middle east

POWER 7MOOD finished in first place for the Middle East Solos Cash Cup. The final points were not close either, with 7MOOD having won by eighteen points over second place. His victory came about with a staggering sixty-one eliminations over thirteen matches and also achieved three Victory Royales. The other four competitors in the top five were not close to the 7MOOD, who ran away with the win.


Stay tuned to ESTNN as we provide extensive coverage to the Fortnite Champion Series qualifier this weekend for all regions.

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