Fortnite: September 12th Code Red Tournament Results

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Fortnite: September 12th Code Red Tournament Results

Code Red Tournament Format

Sixteen of the top Fortnite professional players and personalities squared off in the latest Code Red tournament hosted by BOOM TV. The Code Red competition included players such as Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, Nick “NickMERCS” Kolcheff, Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro, Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner, Ali “Myth” Kabbani and many more. For this tournament, the format pitted a squad of four players in a two versus two competition. The goal is simple, the duo with the most eliminations after two matches advances. This format as such is a fan favorite and a breath of fresh air for players who typically endure intense lobbies filled with other professional Fortnite players.

Path to Victory

Ghost Aydan and Gorb ultimately earned the tournament win after an outstanding run. They never flirted with the losers bracket through five total matches. The list of teams they defeated en route to Grand Finals included NickEh 30 and Punisher, NickMERCS and SypherPK, and finally Liquid Chap and Liquid Vivid. Those teams are mixture of highly skilled professionals and personalities. This all built up to a showdown between the duos of Aydan and Gorbs and Reverse2k and Slackes.


Grand Finals Set One

Grand Finals was a nailbiter, to say the least as momentum constantly swung back and forth. Neither duo was willing to admit defeat, and Aydan and Gorbs had to battle through much adversity to come out on top. Reverse2k and Slackes won the first match convincingly after Aydan and Gorbs both fell early. It was much the same in match two of set one where Aydan and Gorbs conceded due to early eliminations for both.

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Grand Finals Set Two Match One

Aydan and Gorb were in a precarious position, but the final match produced a performance for the ages out of the Ghost Gaming competitor. Match one of the second set in Grand Finals granted Aydan and Gorbs an early lead. The four players amassed an unbelievable fifty-one eliminations. To put that in perspective, Slackes, Aydan, Gorbs and Reverse2k were just ten eliminations off the squad's world record. Heading into the final match of the tournament the score was 27-24 in favor of Aydan and Gorbs.

Grand Finals Set Two Match Two

Reverse2k and Slackes put up an admirable fight and the lead constantly changed hands. Aydan was the star of the last match after Gorbs fell during a Tilted Town rotation. The aim and game sense displayed by Aydan was truly impressive. Under immense pressure from several squads at Loot Lake, he kept his composure and earned an unimaginable amount of eliminations.

Aydan then rotated to Shifty Shafts where he earned four more eliminations. This intense sequence showcased Aydan’s ability after being hit by a Spike Trap, which reduced his health to 1 HP. The final encounter saw Aydan going up against a B.R.U.T.E., which he lost, but Aydan and Gorbs clinched the tournament victory. Overall the Grand Finals were well worth a viewing as both duos performed extremely well and it was close right up until the end.

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The prize breakdown for the top three placements is as follows:

Ghost Aydan and Gorbs – $10,000

TSM Reverse2k and Slackes – $4,000

Liquid Chap and Liquid Vivid – $1,000

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