Fortnite: Renegades Organization Re-Enters Competitive Scene

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Fortnite: Renegades Organization Re-Enters Competitive Scene

Renegades announce they're re-entering the Fortnite competitive scene with the acquisition of Ari “Rel” Roach and Ryley “Jynx” Linde.

After a short hiatus, the popular esports organization known as Renegades has acquired two Oceania Fortnite players. Ari “Rel” Roach and Ryley “Jynx” Linde. Both are re-entering the competitive atmosphere. Both players are also among the absolute best in one of the lesser recognized scenes across Fortnite's seven competitive regions.

Renegades Makes the Announcement

The announcement by Renegades could not come at a better time for an organization focused primarily on the OCE region.  The major LAN tournament the Fortnite Summer Smash is rapidly approaching.

Both Rel and Jynx have received exclusive invitations to the event.

Jynx and Rel’s Competitive History

At the same tournament last year, Jynx finished in sixth place and won $25K USD. In recent months, Rel and Jynx teamed together for the Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series. Where they took second place. Before that, the two Oceania standouts also managed a third-place finish at the Season X Finals for their home region. Both players have seen varying amounts of success in the Cash Cup tournaments. Brimming with success through their short careers, Rel and Jynx are two players who are ready to tackle the 2020 competitive Fortnite season for their new organization.

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Renegades Fortnite History

Owned by NBA player Jonas Jerebko, Renegades maintains esports rosters in Overwatch, Paladins, Super Smash Brothers, Rocket League and now Fortnite. This reemergence into Fortnite comes after their four previous roster members parted ways. Renegades, at one time, possessed top Oceania players like the X2Twins Jesse “Jesse” Eckley and Jordan “Jordan” Eckely as well as Harley “mrfreshasian” Campbell. Their initial stint in competitive Fortnite lasted from August of 2018 until November of 2019, which saw multiple high finishes and victories for their former players.

Picking up OCE players seems to be the modus operandi of the Renegades organization. Although not as recognizable, Jynx and Rel have compiled impressive track records to this point in Fortnite’s competitive history. With the Fortnite Summer Smash at the Australian Open 2020 less than a month away, Jynx and Rel will look to add another high placement in the solo tournament. A rumored Fortnite World Cup in 2020 will also bode well for the Oceania players, who unfortunately didn't attend the last time around.

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