Fortnite Pro “Fresh” Gifts $15K To Teammates After Getting Griefed In FNCS Semi-Finals

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Fortnite Pro “Fresh” Gifts $15K To Teammates After Getting Griefed In FNCS Semi-Finals

Australian Fortnite player Fresh gifts grand prize money to teammates after an unfortunate Sem-Finals situation.

Harley “Fresh” Campbell is a well-known Fortnite player based in Australia. Despite competing in one of the game’s most under-appreciated regions, Fresh has become a household name in the scene. On top of his daily streams and dedication to Fortnite, Fresh is an OG who is one of the best in Oceania.

Alongside teammates Rel and Oatley, Fresh embarked on another quest to earn Fortnite's ultimate prize—the Axe of Champions. Unfortunately, the path is never easy, especially for someone like Fresh with an insane following and notoriety on Twitch.

While competing in the FNCS Season 7 Semi-Finals, Fresh, Rel and Oatley were in a prime position to finish top-six, guaranteeing them a spot in the Season 7 Finals. However, the three became a target of an opposing team that purposely went out of their way to ensure they did not qualify.

Fresh and company “griefed” out of top six

Fresh, Rel and Oatley drew Heat C in the OCE region, where they went up against 32 other trios. The three performed well, earning triple-digit points and even won the penultimate match before chaos ensued. With an almost guaranteed qualification in sight, another team out of contention targeted Fresh to ruin their tournament.

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This same team landed on Fresh’s trio the game before but lost the spawn fight. One match later, a much different and more unfortunate scenario played out. Fresh’s team needed only three points to finish sixth, but their suspicious adversaries wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. Fresh, Rel and Oatley ultimately fell to the team and finished their final game in 20th place.

Fresh ensures teammates walk away with prize money

The Aussie trio was understandably upset about the situation and hoped Epic would take action against the blatant grief. Thankfully, that was not the end for Fresh, Rel and Oatley, who still have one more chance to qualify for the Season 7 Finals through the Reboot Round. That didn’t stop Fresh from rewarding his teammates with some guaranteed prize money.

Fresh took to Twitter with a PayPal screenshot, showing his account with $15K USD removed and two transactions to Oatley and Rel. “GRIEFED FOR HEATS BUT THE TRIO STILL WON FNCS! griefers can s*** my a** we also qual tmrw [sic],” wrote the Luminosity Gaming member. Considering the grand prize in OCE is $22.5K USD for the FNCS Champions, Oatley and Rel have already won the same amount as if they took home first prize, and the competition is not over yet. It was a wholesome gesture out of Fresh, who spun a devastating situation into a positive.

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Rel thanks Fresh, Reboot Round tomorrow

Rel thanked Fresh on Twitter, stating, “i love you bro, lets get the pickaxe too GRIEFERS MAD LIFE GOOD.” Everything from here through the Reboot Round and ideally the Season 7 Finals is gravy for Rel and Oatley. Griefing happens fairly often in Fortnite, especially to well-known streamers. It’s refreshing that Fortnite players like Fresh exist. The story will be even better if they win a game in the Reboot Round. We’ll have to see how that plays out tomorrow.

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