Fortnite Pro Clix Reveals NFT Collection

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Fortnite Pro Clix Reveals NFT Collection

One of Fortnite’s most successful professional players has entered the NFT market.

Professional Fortnite Battle Royale player Cody “Clix” Conrod announced today a partnership with a blockchain platform known as Dropper. The two parties are working in unison to produce an exclusive line of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)—which are the hottest investment opportunities on the market today.

NFTs are the present-day cryptocurrency, and it’s not surprising to see the Fortnite scene joining the action. Clix and Dropper plan to release some of the Fortnite icon’s most memorable moments over the last few years. Those moments include Clix’s appearance at the Fortnite World Cup Finals and his win at the Twitch Rivals LAN competition.

Fans of Clix and NFT fanatics will have a chance to own these moments in digital form with the Ultimate Clix NFT Collection—the first of its kind in Fortnite.

Clix NFT Collection

The three-year Fortnite pro announced his NFT collection on Twitter. He posted a video that gives potential investors a background on this new venture. Launching October 21, the Ultimate Clix NFT Collection encaptures some of the most crucial moments in the young player’s career. Dropper appears to be a brand new blockchain distributor, with currently less than 100 Twitter followers.

It seems the company has placed all of its confidence in the Clix NFT drop for the time being. However, their website shows an outline and somewhat of a mission statement. Dropper plans to collaborate with other content creators intending to make iconic moments into exclusive NFTs.

Potential investors can view the collection early. A quick look at the website reveals the cost for the different packs available at launch.

The “Basic” pack comes with three moments and costs $40 USD. The “Plus” collection carries five moments for $75 USD. Last but not least, the “Premium” pack comes with seven moments for $175 USD.

Dropper’s Clix Collection will give the company and creators an idea of their value in the NFT landscape. It’s an untapped market and one that many investors are excited to learn through trial and error. We’ll have to see how well the community receives the drop on October 21.

Featured Image: Clix on Instagram