Fortnite Presents Shortnitemares Film Festival — How To Watch & Earn Free Spray

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Fortnite Presents Shortnitemares Film Festival — How To Watch & Earn Free Spray

Fortnite introduces the in-game Shortnitemares Film Festival!

Fortnite Battle Royale is back during the spooky season for the third-ever Shortnite Film Festival. To celebrate Fortnitemares, Epic Games hosts Shortnitemares—a series of seven animated short horror films available to watch only in Fortnite. The event will occur in two days, and ESTNN is here to give you the complete rundown on how to watch and earn free in-game rewards.

How To Watch Shortnitemares

The Shortnitemares playlist goes live in Fortnite on October 28 at 6 PM ET. At that point, you can queue in and choose which order you watch the seven short films. You can also watch them all on a loop on the main screen. Those who want to watch and play simultaneously have the option to utilize the picture-in-picture setting. Watchers that spend 30 minutes in Shortnitemares will earn themselves the “Spray Matter” Spray for free.

The Spray Matter Fortnite spray, a brain in a jar, appears on a background with orange and purple rings around it.

Epic Games also introduces the “Kernel Poppy” Outfit, which arrives in the Item Shop on October 27 at 8 PM—just in time for Shortnitemares. Joining Kernel Poppy is the “Slurpy Slush’em” Back Bling and “Buttery Buddy” Emote. The latter is a take on the Jumbo Popcorn Emote released earlier this year.

The Shortnitemares event will be available to watch from October 28 until November 1. Be sure to participate to see some exciting works from Quantum Builds and earn a free emote!

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