Fortnite: Parpy Kicked from Raised by Kings

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Fortnite: Parpy Kicked from Raised by Kings

Parpy is on the hunt for a new organization after his removal from Raised by Kings.

Raised by Kings removed Abdullah “Parpy” Khudeish unexpectedly from their Fortnite roster, according to a series of Tweets. After only two months with the organization, Parpy announced that he was “Kicked from RBK,” and that more details would follow eventually.

Details on the Removal

Thus far, we’ve only learned Parpy’s side of the story, which came out in a Twitlonger post.

“RBK concealed flew in to Australia for the Australian Open 500k Solos tournament to help make the video which was basically just going to be an interview about me and nothing to do with my “story” about the Refugee Camp or anything.”

Parpy notably spent time in a Refugee Camp before making it big in competitive Fortnite out of the Oceania region. Despite his urges, RBK allegedly failed to promote Parpy’s video adequately.

“RBK had not once built up hype for my video like they did for Volx's, I felt like they showed him more support than me throughout the whole time with them, it did not feel like a family to me.”

Former RBK teammate, Volx, also competes out of Oceania and is a long-standing duo partner of Parpy. The young Oceania player had an emotional investment in the video and felt as though RBK exhibited a lack of empathy.

“RBK DID NOT ONCE tweet about the video or even mention it in anything to show support. I even offered to pay them 50% of what they paid the editor but they just completely ignored that and showed me absolutely no empathy, even after I told him how personal the story is and how I feel towards it.”

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Raised by Kings CEO Speaks Out

To summarize the situation, Raised by Kings removed Parpy because he uploaded the video before they could. This situation spiraled out of control, which ultimately resulted in Parpy returning to free agency. Parpy also disclosed a private conversation between himself and a member of the RBK team about the disagreement.

A screenshot of a discord conversation between Parpy and Soclean discussing the incident

Soclean: Good luck in your future endeavoors Joao will put out a statement
Parpy: u [sic] guys would get more recognition from this
Soclean: now your [sic] acting like your [sic] a god getting 10k views
your [sic] missing the point 100%
Parpy: what are u [sic] even saying bro
thats [sic] not my point
i am saying
my story added a touch to it
Soclean: your [sic] acting like your story is some sort of gold dude we all got a story you could have told this story ages ago
now you say you have a story on our vid we did and you added a touch so its yours
like wtf
Parpy: i didnt [sic] say that
you are acting so immature like what are u [sic] even saying


Although the screenshot above is telling, RBK’s owner and CEO, Joao “Concealed” Nunes, went live on Twitch to explain their side of the situation. Reddit user, Jayc3, summarized the contents of the stream in a comment on the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit.

“⁠The video situation, which seems to be the heart of the issue, was basically Parpy not understanding how a business works. RBK payed the entire budget for the shoot to happen, and were more than willing for Parpy to upload it on his channel, but they wanted him to wait 1-2 weeks after they upload it to their own channel. They are a small brand in the grand scheme of things, so they wanted to help grow their brand exposure as well as showing their fans who the OCE boys are. Apparently Concealed didn't even see the preview of the video before it was uploaded to Parpy's channel, and that was essentially the final straw to kick him off the team.”

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There are typically two sides to every story, and both Parpy and RBK have fielded arguments for their case. Wherever the truth may lie, it seems that Parpy violates the terms of a verbal agreement to delay the release of Parpy’s story. This violation resulted in Parpy’s exit from Raised by Kings just a few months after signing. Concealed did acknowledge the inappropriate Discord conversation pictured above. Jayc3 on Reddit continued,

“⁠Concealed admits the DMs from their side weren't the best, but they brought up the fact that it was basically due to the way that Parpy had spoken to them in the past. They know they screwed up, but also brought up the fact that they're paying this guy $4k a month and don't appreciate it when he thinks he can just throw out disrespect whenever he wants.”

Parpy and Concealed Resolve Their Issues

Parpy sent out a Tweet after earlier this morning stating his intentions to move on from the situation. Concealed responded in a supportive tone, telling Parpy, “You will achieve great things in gaming.”

This unfortunate end to the situation and it coincides with Parpy’s search for a new organization. It’s worth questioning whether what transpired will affect Parpy moving forward, but talent often trumps all else in most cases. We will be sure to keep an eye on Parpy’s next move as a professional Fortnite player.

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