Fortnite Organization ENDL8SS Drops Entire Roster & Shuts Down

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Fortnite Organization ENDL8SS Drops Entire Roster & Shuts Down

ENDL8SS, a Fortnite organization that represented the current NA East FNCS Champions, has shut down.

The competitive Fortnite team known as ENDL8SS has released all players, employees and seemingly shut its doors. While the details are murky at best, it seems the organization followed a familiar trend in the Fortnite scene. The defending NA East Fortnite Champion Series winners—Mero, Deyy and Reverse2k—will be searching for new representation ahead of the Season 7 Finals. The team behind ENDL8SS has not released an official statement yet, but many players and staff have confirmed the news.

ENDL8SS Shuts Down, Does Not Notify Players

Formerly known as vsBANDITS, the organization emerged in July of 2020 before rebranding to ENDL8SS in January of 2021. They eventually secured all three FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 winners who went on to win again in Chapter 2 – Season 6 and everything seemed to be on the up and up. That notion took a turn for the worse earlier today when the active members of ENDL8SS posted their free agent status.

The two-time FNCS Champions all posted “free agent” tweets late Sunday night. Reverse2k, who signed with the organization in January, tweeted “free agent lol.” A further investigation revealed that others involved with ENDL8SS have also declared free agency, but none have released formal statements.

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Unfortunately, that leaves a significant mystery behind the organization’s fate. Perhaps financial constraints befell ENDL8SS, causing those behind the scenes to cease operations. It’s a fate that many new brands on the scene experience. While the reason remains unknown, ESTNN reached out to a previous member of the organization, who stated that they received no prior notice or warning of their release.

ENDL8SS Goes Radio Silent

The team behind ENDL8SS has not acknowledged the mass exodus of players. However, the organization’s Twitter account tweeted “yo” when its players began to go public. It’s unfortunate to see such talented players like Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy left without an organization to represent mere weeks before the FNCS Finals. They have already qualified and could undoubtedly walk away with the grand prize and Axe of Champions for the third time.

ENDL8SS Halts Operations, Releases Statement

After releasing its entire roster, ENDL8SS posted a formal statement on Twitter regarding the organization’s future:

“As of today, ENDLESS will be halting operations. No sad story, no rumours [sic], simply an unforgettable year, the executive decision was made to step away from esports for the time being. We would not have made it this far if not for our incredible line of staff and players, or without the support of your, our family.”

That is a wrap on ENDL8SS, who remained in Fortnite through some trying times. Hopefully, brighter days are ahead for those involved in the organization.

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