Fortnite: NRG Ronaldo Throws 1v1 Build Fight, Gifts A PS5 To The Winner

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Fortnite: NRG Ronaldo Throws 1v1  Build Fight, Gifts A PS5 To The Winner

NRG Ronaldo does a good deed after meeting a random player in a public Fortnite match.

Fortnite's professional scene is not home to many wholesome moments. Much of the world's best players are younger and keep themselves busy with wagers, box fights, scrims and tournaments. It's not easy to maintain pro status in a game like Fortnite, considering how often it evolves. But some players, like Ronaldo of NRG Esports, transcend the game with his personality, terrible mic quality and newfound willingness to give back. In a recent live stream, Ronaldo encountered a 15-year-old Fortnite player in public squad matches, which led to an entertaining exchange and a good deed.

Ronaldo Meets a Random Player

Pro players occasionally find themselves playing with fans and others unbeknownst to their fame. During Ronaldo's recent Twitch stream, the latter occurred where he queued as a solo player in squad fills. The NRG Esports representative met a player named BlaDeZ_Savage574, a young random teammate playing on a PlayStation 4. Ronaldo's ragtag died off the spawn rather quickly in Salty Towers. After the match, Ronaldo friended BlaDeZ and the two played Duo Arena Mode together.

The two players got to know each other better throughout their brief time playing. BlaDeZ plugged his YouTube channel, which Ronaldo displayed in front of thousands on his Twitch stream, bringing his subscriber count from eight to over 3,000. Perhaps the most heartwarming moment of all happened when Ronaldo asked BlaDeZ about his personal life. BlaDeZ informed Ronaldo that his mother has been working hard to buy him a PlayStation 5 for Christmas, hopefully. Additionally, BlaDeZ himself just started working at McDonald's to generate income as he looks toward his future of becoming a technical engineer.

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Ronaldo and BlaDeZ played Arena matches before turning to Creative Mode one versus one fights. Ronaldo added a “first to five” stipulation and offered up a brand new PS5 as a prize should BlaDeZ defeat him. It was a bonafide Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner against a casual console player.

Ronaldo Throws 1v1 Build Fights

Ronaldo and BlaDeZ went at it in build fights, but it was clear that the former FNCS Champion was superior. The NRG Esports player ensured that the one-on-one match stayed close for entertainment purposes. Ronaldo purposely threw the rounds he lost and dominated those he won. It came down to one final showdown, where Ronaldo again dialed back his Fortnite skills. NRG's official Twitter account posted the clip of their Fortnite player throwing the final 1v1.

BlaDeZ earned a 5-4 victory over the former Fortnite champion, which meant that Ronaldo owed him a PlayStation 5. The two exchanged Instagram accounts, and Ronaldo informed his new friend that he would buy the PS5 and send it directly to his address of choice. It was a moment of giving that we don't see very often in the Fortnite competitive scene. Ronaldo elevated himself as a genuine player in an otherwise ruthless landscape. Hopefully, other Fortnite players can take a page out of Ronaldo's book and give back to those who do not experience the same luxuries.

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