Fortnite: NRG Announces $15K Winter Games Competition

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Fortnite: NRG Announces $15K Winter Games Competition

North American esports organization NRG revealed details regarding the first-ever Fortnite Winter Games event—a skill challenge open to North American and European players.

Perhaps the most prominent brand in competitive Fortnite currently—NRG has established a foundation of talent that only few could rival. Cody “Clix” Conrod, Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish and Logan “Bucke” Eschenburg are just a few of the players that represent the brand. Now, NRG gives back to the community in a significant way.

The organization announced the inaugural Fortnite Winter Games tournament. Participants will test all aspects of their gameplay for a portion of the $15K USD prize pool. ESTNN is here with all the information to help you enter and possibly appear on stream in the Grand Finals.

NRG Levi's Winter Games: What to Expect

The Winter Games is not a standard Fortnite tournament, making it more intriguing. You don’t necessarily need to be a Zone Wars master or Arena Mode grinder to succeed. The tournament features three skill tests crucial to success in Fortnite; aim, building and movement.

NRG enlisted the help of talented map creators to construct branded challenge courses that players will need to master. Each Creative Map requires sharp skills and precision since only a handful of participants can advance to the Grand Finals. The room for error is near-minimum, so you’ll want to start trialing these maps as soon as possible.

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Here are the map codes for NRG’s personal Castle Hub, where you can access all three challenge courses below and direct codes for the maps themselves:

  • NRG Castle Hub: 5478-0518-2490
  • Aim Challenge: 3748-1836-8937
  • Speedrun Challenge: 6176-2232-8590
  • Build/Edit Challenge: 6870-9852-7426

The Winter Games resemble Fortnite’s All-Star Showdown event from Chapter 2 Season 7. In that competition, Epic Games invited top players in each region to compete in an editing course, aim challenge and more. NRG’s version sports a $15K USD prize pool that pays out the top three in Grand Finals.

How to Enter, Schedule & Prize Pool Breakdown

Those looking to compete in the Winter Games need to be residents of North America or Europe. If you fit that description, jump right into the Creative Maps listed above and work on achieving a solid time on each. Once that’s done, head over to NRG’s website (, where you can fill out a form to submit your time. It’s worth noting that you can enter more than once.

You can check the leaderboard also on NRG’s website ( to see how your times stack up against other players. Entrants that meet the three thresholds per challenge below will automatically qualify for the Grand Finals:

  • Fastest time from Europe
  • Fastest time from North America
  • Second-fastest time regardless of the region
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The tenth spot goes to the player with the best cumulative score across all three challenges.

Payout Structure

  • 1st: $7,500
  • 2nd: $5,000
  • 3rd: $2,500

Open Qualifiers began today and run until February 10. After that, the Grand Finals will occur on February 12, with Fortnite content creator AussieAntics ( and professional player Benjyfishy ( calling the action on their respective Twitch channels.

Be sure to check out the NRG Levi's Winter Games page ( for more information and compete if you think your skills can take you to the top.

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