Fortnite: Ninja Wins 18 Games in a Row to Start Season 8

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Fortnite: Ninja Wins 18 Games in a Row to Start Season 8

According to a post on the Twitter account of the #1 face in gaming, Ninja won 18 straight Fortnite matches to start season 8!

Ninja is not on our list of the top competitive Fortnite players. The reason for this is he isn't playing in the competitive circuit. However, it begs the question of where he would place on our top 55 Fortnite player rankings if he were to compete.

*Update: Ninja reaches 20 straight wins.

The complete list of our top players can be seen below. The list is best viewed horizontally on mobile. You can learn more about the list and view any updates to it on our Top 55 Fortnite Players Page.

Top 55 Fortnite Players – Updated February 20

[ninja_tables id=”246355″]

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