Fortnite: Ninja and Reverse2k Break Duos Win World Record

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Fortnite: Ninja and Reverse2k Break Duos Win World Record

Nowadays, a Victory Royale in Fortnite is hard to come by. Competently skilled players litter almost every lobby, thus making it difficult to achieve the often elusive win. This sentiment, however, does not apply to Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The long-time duo partners broke the world record for most consecutive duo wins during a stream on October 2nd. Blevins and Greiner began their endeavor on September 30th, and it took them only three days to make history in Fortnite record books. The two achieved this feat under thousands of watchful eyes across both Twitch and Mixer. In total, the pair compiled 43 wins, breaking the record of 42 previously held by Siqqza.

The Accomplishment

This accomplishment should not go understated. Stream snipers run rampant, seeking out popular streamers in an attempt to derail live broadcasts. We have seen several instances of this seeing as famous personalities typically do not delay their streams in favor of chat interaction. Blevins and Greiner did everything they could to ensure that stream snipers did not crush their hopes of achieving the duo wins world record. These efforts included taking breaks between matches, muting audio, blanking screens and spacing out their matches from day-to-day. This all led to Blevins and Greiner demolishing public lobbies without any mercy.

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The Effect of the World Record

After the heartbreak of just barely missing the Fortnite World Cup qualification, Blevins and Greiner welcome this accomplishment with open arms. Public matches are not usually too difficult for professional players. However winning 43 games in a row of anything, let alone Fortnite, is difficult to reach given the circumstances. The two have developed chemistry over the past few months that echoes through their streams. Fortunately for both players, it is not out of the question that they continue padding their streak with more wins. Blevins and Greiner put a hold on playing duos and instead turned their focus to squad wins. A Fortnite player named J7Evooo is currently in possession of the squad wins world record according to Fortnite Tracker.

What’s Next for Ninja and Reverse2k?

There’s no telling what could be next for Blevins and Greiner. On a recent stream, Greiner teased that Blevins may join his squad of Nate “Nate Hill” Hill and Trevor “Funk” Siegler for the upcoming Fornite Champion Series. Blevins’ involvement with competitive Fortnite always increases viewership. Whether you love him or hate him, Blevins remains an icon and rightfully earned his spot in this illustrious category. For now, he and Greiner can sleep well knowing that they broke a world record and that the world can rewatch every minute on either Twitch or Mixer.

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