Fortnite: New Item Shop Now Live In-Game

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Fortnite: New Item Shop Now Live In-Game

Fortnite revamped its famous Item Shop!

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s patented Item Shop received an overnight remodel, which is now live in the game. Epic Games has been testing this new shop for the past few months. Some select players have had access to the new shop before its release. Now, all Fortnite: Battle Royale players can see the new item shop in all its glory.

New Item Shop Design

The team behind Fortnite released a blog post to welcome new players to the redesigned item shop.

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“After release in test markets and listening to lots of feedback, today we’re rolling out the redesign of the Item Shop to all players. The new look provides a refreshed layout and navigation for everyone.”

There’s no clarity as to what this may lead to down the line. Epic Games might have just decided that it was time to change the item shop layout after several seasons of the same design. Perhaps they could be experimenting with something more significant for future release. Whatever the case may be, you can now experience and familiarize yourself with the new Item Shop.

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Featured Image: Epic Games

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