Fortnite: NA West Player Reet Wins Two Cash Cups In One Day, Breaks World Record

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Fortnite: NA West Player Reet Wins Two Cash Cups In One Day, Breaks World Record

The NA West controller king makes Cash Cup history in short order.

NA West professional Fortnite player Nathan "XTRA Reet" Amundson made history this evening in an unthinkable manner. He became the first player to win two Solo Cash Cup tournaments in two different regions. Why is this such an achievement? The exceptional controller player accomplished this feat in 20 hours, beginning on unbelievably high ping and ending on his home turf. Dominance often happens in Fortnite, but Reet proved that he is a different animal when at his best.

Reet Wins Asia Solo Cash Cup

The historical day began late Saturday night for the NA West controller phenom. Reet queued into the Asian region’s Solo Cash Cup as he typically does every weekend. What ensued over the next four hours was an absolute clinic of competitive Fortnite. On 130 ping, the XTRA Gaming representative amassed 238 points, including three Victory Royales and 55 eliminations. Reet also streamed the entire competition live on Twitch into the early hours of Sunday morning. He took to Twitter, dubbing himself “Prime Reet” while flexing a max viewership of nearly 7K while triumphing over more than 23K entrants.

It’s not clear how much Reet slept, or if he did at all, but Reet’s journey continued on NA East servers. Although he failed to crack the top 6K on the leaderboard, Reet capped off his unprecedented Solo Cash Cup run in NA West—his home region.

Reet Breaks Point Record & Wins NA West Solo Cash Cup

Sixteen hours later, after winning the Asia Cash Cup, Reet switched to the NA West server and had bad intentions for all who crossed his path. The young controller player proceeded to break the Solo Cash Cup point record for his home region and did so rather effortlessly. Despite some other challengers on the leaderboard, such as four-time FNCS Champion Shane “NRG EpikWhale” Cotton in hot pursuit, Reet remained cool, calm and collected. He completed nine matches, won four of them and finished with a mind-blowing 55 eliminations—the highest mark of the entire tournament. Reet shattered the previous NA West Solo Cash Cup point record, previously held by Diego “100T Arkhram” Lima.

Reet once again proved how exceptional he is as a solo player. The fun did not stop there, either. He had one competition remaining on a busy Sunday, where he and two teammates attempted to win a share of $250K USD on a console.

Console Champions Cup

As if the two Solo Cash Cup wins weren’t enough, Reet capped off the night with the Console Champions Cup Final. He and teammates STL Hyper and BH Ggelo put forth an honest effort but settled for a fifth-place finish. Reet played at a disadvantage on a PS4, managing only 60 FPS. Nonetheless, Reet had one of the best days in Fortnite history. Winning two

Cash Cups in vastly different regions is a historic accomplishment. There’s no telling what could happen next when Reet is firing on all cylinders.

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