Fortnite: Leaks Reveal Morty Of “Rick And Morty” To Become In-Game Skin

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Fortnite: Leaks Reveal Morty Of “Rick And Morty” To Become In-Game Skin

Recent Fortnite leaks reveal a planned Morty skin from the Ricky and Morty TV show.

Fortnite’s Season 7 collaboration with the hit adult sitcom “Rick and Morty” adds another main character to the fold. Epic Games introduced Rick Sanchez as a marquee presence in the Chapter 2 – Season 7 Battle Pass with other items familiar to the show’s fans. It seemed the crossover ended there, but Epic has other plans, according to recent Twitter leaks. Morty Smith will join Rick Sanchez as the newest development in the Fortnite collaboration.

Morty Smith Skin Leaks

Considering Morty’s stature in the show, Epic had to get creative with his presence in Fortnite. Twitter users HYPEX and Not0fficer were able to secure an in-game screenshot of Morty. The developers placed Morty in a mech suit of sorts where he controls the arms and legs.

It’s not clear which episode this rendition draws inspiration from or if it’s an entirely new concept. Regardless, Morty will presumably join the Fortnite roster, considering Chapter 2 – Season 7 should conclude in early September.

Additional Morty Cosmetics

HYPEX followed the Morty reveal with another, including several new Morty cosmetics. Epic plans to release a back bling, pickaxe, wrap and emote as well. All of these items reference the show in some fashion. For example, the pickaxe is a space snake that appeared in Season 5 of the show.

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Epic also made the show’s famous “Get Schwifty” dance into an emote. It’s an exciting time for Fortnite fans as the developers continue to establish more in-game collaborations. It seems the Rick and Morty connection is not going away anytime soon. Epic has not acknowledged the leaks or officially revealed Morty’s character outfit, but we can expect something soon.

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