Fortnite Leaker HYPEX Permabanned For Account Transferring

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Fortnite Leaker HYPEX Permabanned For Account Transferring

Epic bans Fortnite leaker HYPEX for an account transfer from three years ago.

The Fortnite Battle Royale leaker known as HYPEX has received a permanent ban from the game based on an account sharing incident from 2018. HYPEX realized the ban late last month, and he reached out to Epic Games to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, the developers eventually responded, stating they would not restore his account due to the violation of the Terms of Service (TOS). It seems that Epic will not reinstate his account.

HYPEX Banned Late in August

The leaker took to Twitter on September 8, tweeting at Fortnite's official account regarding the discipline and lack of response from Epic's side. While he did not speculate why the developers banned his account, he requested the support of his nearly two million Twitter followers.

HYPEX followed his first concerning tweet with another, where he lashed out at Epic Games for the company's lack of communication. He mentioned that the developers tend to contact him when he leaks confidential information about Fortnite and his responses are quick and timely. Unfortunately, Epic has not given him that same respect.

“When someone at Epic needs something or wants to know how I found something they immediately DM me and I respond as soon as I can, but when I get banned for a stupid reason right before season 8 & the event and I need help, I get ignored.. Really frustrating.”

Epic's response to HYPEX occurred three hours after, and it did not go the way he anticipated.

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Account Transferring Punishment

HYPEX revealed “Account Transferring” as the reason for his ban on Twitter yesterday evening. “Epic said I'm perma banned for “Account Transferring”. All because my friend gave me his account in 2018 when I lost mine,” he wrote. “After all the love that I gave the game since the start and sticking with it during its highs & ups, I get this for a simple mistake I didn't know about.”

He followed that, stating, “Nobody knows how much I truly love the game. And I can name MANY reasons why my ban is beyond unfair, I already told some of those reasons to Epic in private hoping they'll reconsider this but seems like I'll get ignored again. Thanks to everyone who tried to help, love y'all.”

Many fellow leakers and personalities in the scene rallied behind HYPEX with the hashtag #FreeHYPEX, but no further developments have occurred since the last round of tweets. We've seen similar situations in the past. Epic Games has no qualms about disciplining players who break the rules. A permanent ban for one of the game's most prolific and recognizable leakers seems too harsh. However, it's not clear how Epic feels about leakers revealing information.

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HYPEX could technically create another account, but it would be a fresh start. We'll have to see if the leaker continues working within the Fortnite scene or if he takes his abilities elsewhere.

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