Fortnite: Lachlan Establishes Team PWR, Signs Multiple Top Oceania Players

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Fortnite: Lachlan Establishes Team PWR, Signs Multiple Top Oceania Players

A new organization has a roster full of Oceanic players who are ready to win Fortnite tournaments.

Oceania is undoubtedly one of the most underrated regions in competitive Fortnite. Despite their lack of exposure, OCE features some of the world’s top Fortnite players. The problem is, many of these competitors do not have the same opportunities as those in North America and Europe. Only a handful of Oceania players in history have signed contracts with esports organizations.

Popular content creator Lachlan is looking to change that landscape. Earlier today, the Australian content creator officially announced Team PWR, a new organization in competitive Fortnite.

Team PWR ⁠— a new Australian organization

Team PWR appeared on Twitter earlier today, promoted by its creator and owner. In a four-minute video, Lachlan announced the team’s roster, logo and the philosophy behind the organization.

“We are going to focus on building out each player’s individual brand, whether that be their YouTube channel, focusing on content.”

Each player had the opportunity to provide some information about themselves and their competitive Fortnite history. Lachlan went on to explain their goals for the Fortnite World Cup event that will hopefully occur in 2021.

“World Cup 2021, NA, we are going to qualify as many as we can. Let’s do it.”

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It appears that Lachlan is looking to send his roster to North America to give them a better chance at qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup. Team PWR is a once in a lifetime chance for these players, considering the low amount of qualifying spots that were available to OCE players back in 2019.

The Team PWR roster

With so many outstanding players located in the Oceania region, Lachlan acquired quite a few to start. Team PWR’s roster features, worthy, RepulseGod, radius, Looter, Chanzes and Lachlan himself. All of these players have accomplished quite a lot since beginning their respective Fortnite careers.

Worthy stands out as arguably Team PWR’s most valuable pick up. This Australian native is a multiple-time Cash Cup champion, and he is also a four-time Fortnite Champion Series finalist. Many wondered how a player like worthy would perform in another region. It looks like Lachlan will make that happen should a Fortnite World Cup take place in 2021.

RepulseGod is another top-tier acquisition for Team PWR. He’s been tearing up the OCE region since early 2019, placing well in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers and becoming a four-time FNCS Finalist as well. RepulseGod also made the long trek from Australia to Anaheim, California, for the DreamHack Anaheim offline competition. He reached the Grand Finals, achieved a Victory Royale, and ultimately finished in fourth place. More recently, RepulseGod took second place in the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals.

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He, too, will have an opportunity to compete in North America along with AO Summer Smash runner-up Looter, as well as radius, Chanzes and Lachlan.

Exceptional exposure for Oceanic players

Oceania is one of the Fortnite regions that, unfortunately, is a product of their player base. There simply are not a whole lot of competitors. The typical OCE prize pool stands in line with Asia and the Middle East. Despite their relatively low payouts, Australian players like worthy and RepulseGod deserve more exposure.

With Lachlan’s 1+ million followers on Twitter and over 13M subscribers on YouTube, he is the right person for the job. We can expect to see the PWR clan tag present on future competitive Fortnite leaderboards soon.

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