Fortnite Introduces Hype Leaderboard For Arena Mode

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Fortnite Introduces Hype Leaderboard For Arena Mode

Fortnite Introduces Hype Leaderboard For Arena Mode!

Arena mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale has been a topic of discussion since its inception. On the surface, Arena is a practical option for players seeking more challenges out of their Fortnite experience. This competitive playlist features three divisions; Open, Contender and Champion. Each division contains several numbered sub-divisions as well, which give players an accurate representation of how close they are to the next tier.

In general, the gameplay is much different in Arena. As a player progresses through each game and division, the competition grows more difficult. One of the most significant perks in Arena Mode is the ranking system itself. Reaching the Contender and Champion division qualifies players for tournaments like the Fortnite Champion Series and Platform Cash Cups. Although qualifying to perform in cash competitions is a perk, there is no reason to play Arena after reaching the highest division.

Lobbies die out rather fast in Arena mode, and it merely does not offer the high-level competition that a player would gain from open or professional scrims. Another issue with Arena mode is that Epic Games does not hand out in-game rewards for consistency or outstanding play. Although that still is not the case, Epic Games has finally developed a leaderboard for players to view their overall Arena rankings compared to others.

Arena Mode Leaderboard

After teasing a tangible Arena leaderboard back in late-March, the Fortnite Competitive Team has delivered on their promise. On Fortnite’s official website, the competitive section now features a worldwide Arena mode leaderboard. Since we are at the end of Chapter 2 – Season 3, some players have eclipsed 100K Arena points. Some of those names include professional players Marzz_OW and CR Ruri.

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A snapshot of the worldwide Hype Leaderboard

At the moment, the leaderboard only features the top-100 players across all competitive regions. Scrolling through each of the ten pages will produce names like BBG Calc, Th0masHD, Ajerss, XSET Shark, 100T Arkhram and many others. There’s not much clarity on how often the leaderboard will update or if it has any implications other than being just a leaderboard. It’s interesting to see which players grind Arena points despite the low stakes involved.

Possible In-Game Rewards Coming?

As previously mentioned, in-game rewards are hard to come by in Fortnite. There are no in-game items exclusive to competitive players outside of FNCS Twitch Drops and the Axe of Champions. A game like Rainbow Six: Siege offers weapon charms each season for the highest rank that a player achieves.

Hopefully, there is a bigger picture here with the new Hype Leaderboard. Maybe Epic will dole out rewards to players inside the top-100 down the line. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see Fortnite providing something new to Arena mode.

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