Fortnite: Inside Tfue, Fiber and Khanada’s Path to Qualification in FCS Week 5

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Fortnite: Inside Tfue, Fiber and Khanada’s Path to Qualification in FCS Week 5


Tenney’s Last Few Weeks

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers today. His talent in Fortnite is unquestionable and he continues competing at the highest level. With the introduction of a Fortnite trios format, he began teaming with former fellow FaZe player Dennis “Cloak” Lepore and Team Liquid’s Tom “72hrs” Mulligan. Although Tenney, Lepore and Mulligan qualified in week two for the FCS Grand Finals, the trio would soon break up. After a miscommunication between the players on many different levels, Tenney parted ways with Lepore and Mulligan citing unhappiness with the team on top of their unwillingness to practice and improve. This sent Tenney in search of a new trio, whether it be in the form of a trade or just outright qualifying with a different pair of players. Tenney also dropped recently dropped an announcement on Twitter stating that he is taking a break from streaming due to mental health issues.


Tfue's The New Trio

This build-up led Tenney to Khanada and Liquid Fiber as potential teammates. Khanada and Fiber are both under the radar players who possess serious talent. With just a handful of weeks' worth of practice, these three went all-in on the prospect of qualifying. Tfue had his own reasons to qualify and he was willing to do whatever it took to get there. This trio rapidly ascended to the top and quickly became a topic of conversation around the competitive Fortnite scene. During Week 5, Tfue, Khanada and Fiber truly showed what they are capable of as a cohesive unit.

The Path to Victory

The newly formed trio played out 9 total matches in the final Fortnite Champion Series qualifier. It seemed like a difficult goal to reach, but Tfue, Khanada and Fiber provided an insurmountable effort to earn a position in the FCS Grand Finals. Over the 9 played matches, the trio collectively produced 64 eliminations accompanied by 3 Victory Royales. Whether it is natural chemistry or raw talent, the recipe seems to be working just fine for these three. It only took two weeks of practice for this team to reach heights some other professional trios could not. This provided undeniable proof that Tfue is still at the top of his game, and has two legitimate players to run with.

The Key Points

Their best game took place in match number 8, where the three of them combined for 18 eliminations and the Victory Royale. A mixture of slaying power and clutch endgame play is exactly what a team needs to win trios. It is safe to say that Tfue’s newest teammates compliment his playstyle well. As we move forward, the best teams of the NA East will represent in the Grand Finals. In addition to this, Tfue’s previous decision to stop streaming most certainly elevated this trio as a whole. Protecting himself from stream-snipers provided the results Tfue expects in competitive Fortnite tournaments.

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Sad Ending for Cloak and 72hrs

Unfortunately for Tenney’s former teammates, Lepore and Mulligan will forfeit their spot in the FCS Grand Finals. Seeing Tenney, Lepore and Mulligan did not construct a trade, the split is now official with Tenney locking up a spot with Fiber and Khanada on his own. The end of Tenney, Mulligan and Lepore is bitter-sweet. The former trio was fun to watch, but the outlook on Tenney and his new trio are too difficult to ignore. Leaving his past in the rearview, Tenney will team with Khanada and Fiber for the remainder of the Fortnite Champion Series.

Setting the Stage

With players like Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf, Nick “SEN Aspect” McGuire and Timothy “Bizzle” Miller in the fray, the competition will be intense. Tfue and new teammates Khanada and Fiber have catapulted into the discussion for the top trio. There is no shortage of storylines or ultra-talented players competing at the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. Many of the NA East teams have proved themselves over the past 5 weeks. The FCS Grand Finals will provide the perfect stage to decide who is the best trio in all of competitive Fortnite.

Stay tuned to ESTNN as we continue coverage on into the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals.

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