Fortnite Imposters Trials — How To Earn Free In-Game Wrap & More

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Fortnite Imposters Trials — How To Earn Free In-Game Wrap & More

Find out how you can participate in Fortnite’s Imposters Trials to unlock free in-game items.

Epic Games has quietly launched the Imposters Trials—an event where players can collect free in-game cosmetics. Much like the Lantern Trials from a few months back, the Imposters Trials operate similarly. Players must navigate to a specific website, log in to their Epic Games account and earn badges based on the defined rules.

Those who gather enough badges can win a complimentary wrap, spray and emoticon. Allow ESTNN to guide you through the Imposters Trials process to get you up to speed.

What is the Imposters Game Mode?


Based heavily on the hit whodunnit video game Among Us, Imposters Mode allows a maximum of ten players to participate in a given match. There are eight agents and two imposters. Agents must complete tasks, avoid elimination at the hands of the imposters and try to identify the imposters at all costs. Imposters have the job of sabotaging the agents, going undefeated and eliminating as many agents as possible.

Games typically end when both Imposters have been identified, all agents are eliminated or all tasks have been completed. Now that we’ve covered the game mode, let’s take a look at what the Imposters Trials entail.

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What are the Imposters Trials?

The Impostor Trial prizes including the Hot Headed Spray, Spectral Flex Wrap and Just Between Us Emoticon appear against a purple and pink background

The Imposters Trials are a set of challenges based on Fortnite’s newest game mode. However, unlike previous trials, these challenges are much easier to complete. The goal for players participating is to earn badges based on games played in Imposters Mode. Every two games finished nets players one badge in the Imposters Trials. Participants will also gain a badge just for logging into the website.

Once players collect 11 badges, they will have earned all three available cosmetics.

Here is the prize distribution breakdown for the Imposters Trials:

  • 1 Badge – Hot Headed Spray
  • 6 Badges (12 Imposters games played) – Just Between Us Emoticon
  • 11 Badges (22 Imposters games played) – Spectral Flex Wrap

2 games played = 1 Badge

How to Register for Imposters Trials

To get started, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to Imposters Trials website
  2. Log in to your Epic Games account
  3. If done correctly, you should automatically earn one badge
  4. All ensuing badges must be earned by playing Imposters Mode

The website allows you to check your progress, so you’ll want to use it as a helpful resource. Additionally, there's plenty of time left to collect the in-game cosmetics before the end of the trials. As of right now, the anticipated end date is September 6. However, only 5 million players can enter, so be sure to follow the instructions above before it’s too late.

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We’ll update this post with any additional information.

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