Fortnite: How To Watch FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 & Earn Twitch Drops

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Fortnite: How To Watch FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 & Earn Twitch Drops

Learn everything you need to know about the official FNCS broadcast and Twitch drops this season!

Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 Season 8 is set to get underway this weekend. Trios across the game’s seven competitive server regions will throw their hats into the ring for a portion of $3M USD and the coveted Axe of Champions in-game reward. It’s the most critical point of any Fortnite season, where teams hope to separate themselves from the pack and reach the Season Finals.

Epic Games has officially released the broadcast schedule for FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8, and we have all the information you need to tune in and earn yourself some free in-game rewards known as Twitch drops. Join us as we examine how you can view the action over the next few weeks.

A table showing all of the time and dates for each stage of every region's FNCS competition.

The action begins this weekend, with the first of two qualifiers on October 17. Qualifier two will take place on October 24, followed by the Semi-Finals on October 28 and October 29. The Season 8 Finals conclude that same weekend—on October 30 and October 31, respectively. Epic Games provided a helpful guide, including regional times that you should refer to above.

Broadcast Talents & Streams


The competitive Fortnite crew will once again host an official broadcast for the entirety of FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8. Here is the tentative schedule per region, on-air talent and relevant stream links:

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  • European broadcast links: Spanish Twitch / German Twitch, YouTube / French Twitch, YouTube / English Twitch, YouTube
  • English Broadcast – @ZekimusPrime, @ShyoWager, @xSUND0WN, @Leven2K, @Reisshub
  • Spanish Broadcast – @adreplays, @TocataTV, @OllieGamerz, @Charlynighter, @iGeStarK
  • French Broadcast – @chocatv, @NowardBE, @TheVic_c, @Coach_Nounours, @Mlle_Biscotte
  • German Broadcast – @criztianotorres, @PlSTOLENHENRY, @LinkeMedia
  • Show Begins – 1:00pm ET / 7:00pm CET
  • EU Live Coverage – 1:15pm ET / 7:15pm CET
  • Broadcast Ends – Approximately 4:30pm ET / 10:30pm CET

North America

  • North American (NA East & NA West) broadcast links: Twitch / YouTube
  • NA East Broadcast – @ZekimusPrime, @Reisshub, @MonsterDFace, @VividFN, @AdamSavage
  • NA West Broadcast – @ZekimusPrime, @xSUND0WN, @claystehling, @HelloKellyLink, @LifewPanda
  • Show Begins – 5:00pm ET / 2:00pm PT
  • NAE Live Coverage – 5:15pm ET / 2:15pm PT
  • Break – Approximately 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT
  • NAW Live Coverage – Approximately 9:15pm ET / 6:15pm PT
  • Broadcast Ends – Approximately 12:30am ET / 9:30pm PT


  • Brazilian broadcast links: Twitch / YouTube / Facebook
  • Portuguese Broadcast – @melanylolee, @Kennosv, @nevesthaue, @RainyCreates, @yt_virti, @risk1nner, @fla_eikani
  • Spanish Broadcast – @barnagg, @KerykeionTV, @gorilonfn, @Pringl3sTw
  • Show Begins – 3:50pm
  • BR Live Coverage – 4:15pm
  • Broadcast Ends – Approximately 7:30pm


  • Asian broadcast Links: YouTube / Twitch
  • Asia Broadcast – @shohei_taguchi, @YamatoColors, @Shiras___, @tonpiava
  • Show Begins – 4:50pm
  • BR Live Coverage – 5:15pm
  • Broadcast Ends – Approximately 8:30pm

How to Earn Twitch Drops

A new FNCS season means more Twitch Drops for players to collect, a staple in Fortnite since early in Chapter 2. Season 8 offers an animated Emoticon, Spray, Loading Screen and a purple Foam Finger Back Bling.

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Anyone looking to acquire these cosmetics needs to watch a verified broadcast for at least 15 minutes and then claim the drops on Twitch. Make sure that you link your Epic Games account to your Twitch account to be eligible.

Here is the complete list of in-game rewards available during FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8:

  • FNCS 2:8 animated Emoticon
  • FNCS Spirit Spray
  • Combat Cubed Loading Screen
  • Foam Finger Back Bling with the purple style variant

Be sure to tune in all season long for high-level Fortnite action as we move closer toward crowning the next Axe of Champions holders in each region!

Featured Image: Epic Games

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