Fortnite: How To Unlock Chromium, Runic & Golden Battle Pass Skins In Season 6

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Fortnite: How To Unlock Chromium, Runic & Golden Battle Pass Skins In Season 6

Learn how to unlock exclusive Battle Pass variants in Season 6.

Fortnite Season 6's Battle Pass introduced some original characters and familiar faces. The latter included Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series and Raven from DC Comics and Teen Titans. Unique newcomers Tarana, Raz, Cluck and Spire Assassin complemented the others nicely. Players can unlock all of the characters mentioned above upon reaching level 100 in the previously mentioned Battle Pass. Additionally, Epic Games has included various styles for each skin that are unlockable past level 100.

The difficult-to-attain variants in Season 6 come in the form of Chromium, Runic and Golden. Only the hardest workers can accomplish this feat, and it will require a lot of Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay. Let's look at how to unlock Chromium, Runic and Golden styles in the Season 6 Battle Pass.

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How to Unlock all Battle Pass Skin Variants

Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR revealed some of the exclusive styles available this season and included the levels required to unlock each. While only nine types appear on the list, more could come through at a later time. It will take an honest effort for those completionists looking to expand their Fortnite locker. The best method of progressing through Battle Pass tiers is to take advantage of all quests available in-game. That means meticulously accomplishing whatever the game has to offer and maximizing experience points. Here are the levels you'll need to unlock all three cosmetic variants:

All Skins in the Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks


  • Tarana – 110
  • Raz – 130
  • Spire Assassin – 150


  • Tarana – 160
  • Raz – 180
  • Spire Assassin – 200


  • Tarana – 205
  • Raz – 215
  • Spire Assassin – 225

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Reaching level 225 is never easy unless you're a proper grinder. Completing challenges and playing often should eventually lead you to the highest level. At that point, you'll become a Season 6 completionist with a Fortnite locker packed to the brim.

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