Fortnite: How To Unlock All Sapphire, Topaz And Zero Point Battle Pass Skins In Season 5

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Fortnite: How To Unlock All Sapphire, Topaz And Zero Point Battle Pass Skins In Season 5

Learn how to unlock all exclusive Season 5 Battle Pass skin variants!

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 features a slew of new and unique characters, called hunters, who are the primary attractions this season. This season’s storyline forced Fortnite’s mascot Jonesy to enlist the help of dangerous mercenaries across multiple dimensions. Some of those include fan-favorite Mancake, Anime character Lexa and even Star Wars character The Mandalorian. Like in past seasons, Chapter 2 – Season 5 offers some eye-catching incentives for those who grind through hundreds of levels. Players up to the task will earn a Sapphire, Topaz and Zero Point variant of each Battle Pass skin.

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How to Unlock all Battle Pass Skin Variants

Fortnite content creator meetlootllama detailed at which level you will unlock these skin styles. Obtaining these rewards is not for the faint of heart. Unlocking all Battle Pass skin variants will require multiple hours of playing Fortnite to complete challenges. You will grab yourself the first Sapphire style at level 110. From there, you’ll have to proceed through another 115 levels before unlocking the final Zero Point skin style. It’s a challenging task to overcome but undoubtedly achievable.

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The best tip we can offer is to check your daily and weekly challenges. Completing all of those will bring you much closer to the exclusive Battle Pass styles. Here is the complete lineup of skin variants and at which level you will unlock them:

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  • Level 110 – Reese
  • Level 120 – Mancake
  • Level 130 – Mave
  • Level 140 – Kondor
  • Level 150 – Menace


  • Level 160 – Reese
  • Level 170 – Mancake
  • Level 180 – Mave
  • Level 190 – Kondor
  • Level 200 – Menace

Zero Point

  • Level 205 – Reese
  • Level 210 – Mancake
  • Level 215 – Mave
  • Level 220 – Kondor
  • Level 225 – Menace

It will take an insane amount of in-game time to unlock all Battle Pass skins. Sticking to challenges and playing public matches will get you there over time. Grabbing the Topaz, Sapphire and Zero Point styles is the only way you can consider yourself a completionist in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5. Considering its March 16 end date, there is plenty of time to reach level 225.

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