Fortnite: How to Have a Pizza Party in Chapter 3

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Fortnite: How to Have a Pizza Party in Chapter 3

Fortnite hotfix v19.10 introduces Pizza Party boxes into the game. Learn where you can find them and their benefits. 

Epic Games wasted no time following last week’s monumental patch, which brought the fan-favorite Tilted Towers back into the game. Since then, players have enjoyed this critical landmark from Fortnite’s past alongside the newly introduced Klombo animal. Epic is always ready with new items to shake up gameplay. 

Enter this morning’s hotfix v19.10, which offers a new consumable item for players to enjoy. The object — dubbed Pizza Party — allows you to heal yourself and your entire team. Let’s see how the Pizza Party works and where you can find them.

What is a Pizza Party?


Hotfix v19.10 introduced this new consumable item that grants players eight slices of pizza. Each portion of the Slurpshroom Pizza heals both your Health and Shield simultaneously until you reach the maximum of 150 effective HP—100 Health and 50 Shield. First, you must find the Pizza Party item and deploy it by throwing it on the ground. You and your teammates can then feast on the delicious contents inside. 

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Where to Find Pizza Boxes

Players looking to try this new item out should search Chests, Supply Drops, Loot Llamas and around on the ground. Also, players can purchase the Slurpshroom Pizza from Tomatohead in Tilted Towers for 50 gold eacb. 

The new consumable item is not in Arena Mode, so be sure to drop into a casual Solo, Duo, Trio or Squad match to load up on these carbs. Pizza Boxes could appear in competitive game modes down the line. 

As of this morning, Pizza Party boxes are now available in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Make sure you drop into the game to check this new item out for yourself and share with your friends and teammates. 

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