Fortnite: Fresh Signs Exclusive Twitch Deal

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Fortnite: Fresh Signs Exclusive Twitch Deal

Twitch signs one of Australia’s most popular Fortnite streamers to an exclusive deal.

Formerly known as mrfreshasian, Harley “Fresh” Campbell announced his official signing with Twitch in a Tweet earlier this evening. So too did Twitch themselves, compiling and Tweeting out a montage of some of Fresh’s highlights throughout the years. Although contract details aren’t public, Fresh has found himself a dedicated platform for his Fortnite gameplay.

Started from the Bottom

The Australian content creator and professional Fortnite player created his Twitch channel way back in December of 2012, according to Twitch Tracker.

Fresh saw a meteoric rise alongside the ultra-popular Fortnite: Battle Royale game beginning in December of 2018. He averaged 1,000 viewers in 2018 alone and improved to 5,400 viewers on average in 2019. As of today, Fresh boasts an average of 13,000 viewers per stream and 3.2 million Twitch followers.

Fresh’s content provides a unique blend of pub stomping and dazzling competitive gameplay. Competing out of the Oceania region, Fresh is one of the top players. He’s claimed victory in multiple tournaments over the past three years, and just recently took sixth place in last season’s Fortnite Champion Series competition.

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Organizations Take Notice

Fresh’s reputation as an entertaining streamer and talented Fortnite player drew the attention of the Renegades esports organization. He spent well over a year under the Renegades banner before parting ways in November of 2019. Just four months later, he inked a deal with Luminosity Gaming. He remains under LG at the moment as one of their most significant draws in Fortnite.

Hard Work Pays Dividends

Twitch did not hand Fresh an exclusive streaming deal without cause. The Aussie worked his way to the top of the popular streaming platform with his vibrant personality and outstanding gameplay. It’s not common to find this sort of success story in 2020, considering how much the hype of Fortnite has slowed over the years. Nevertheless, it’s a feel-good story, and the grind will not stop for one of Australia’s most popular Fortnite players.

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