Fortnite: FNCS Winner Jur3ky Explains Slump After Success

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Fortnite: FNCS Winner Jur3ky Explains Slump After Success

FNCS winner Jur3ky explains the highs and lows of becoming a champion.

Professional Fortnite player Jur3ky reached the top in Chapter 2 – Season 6, where he and his teammates secured their first Axe of Champions. Only a handful of competitors in Europe have claimed a win in the game’s seasonal Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), which, for two years, has measured the skill level of players worldwide. Jur3ky, Queasy and TruleX did the unthinkable last season when they took first in a sea of outstanding European teams. They became one of eight FNCS winners since the tournament’s inception in 2019.

It was a goal of Jur3ky and one with an added incentive. He vowed to improve his Fortnite gameplay and win the Fortnite Champion Series to pay off his mother’s debts. Jur3ky delivered on his promise but swiftly lost the motivation to continue working as hard before the monumental triumph. The Croatian competitor took to Twitter today, explaining the struggles after claiming the Axe of Champions, mainly, how he aimed too low.

Jur3ky’s Goal Comes to Fruition

Jur3ky’s Twitlonger is a deep dive into the psyche of a competitive Fortnite player. He detailed his initial goal before winning in Chapter 2 – Season 6 and where he made a grave mistake.

“Before FNCS I had set myself a very humble goal, I said ‘I want to get my mom out of her debt’. At the time that wasn't a huge amount of money, so winning FNCS wasn't even necessary to accomplish that goal,” he wrote. “This goal came to me whilst driving in my moms car, and her telling me how she wishes to get out of it, and how she's being affected by this mentally. I of course found that really sad, and wanted to do everything in my power to help her.”

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The gesture is beyond admirable for a rising Fortnite star. Jur3ky continued, stating that he worked hard on improving his game and becoming more confident in the team. This situation materialized at the Wave Boot Camp—a training facility orchestrated by his representing esports organization.

“At the Wave Bootcamp I said we're gonna get #3.” Jur3ky then fast-forwarded to the aftermath of winning and what it felt like to accomplish a goal most have not in competitive Fortnite.

“I won FNCS. I felt amazing. Everything in my life started clicking. Everything fell into place. Now with all this money I for sure helped my mom and dad out. They both covered all of the debts, and I made sure for them to treat themselves aswell [sic].”

Jur3ky Loses Drive to be the Best & Explains His Mistakes

A white robot figure holds out a finger while holding an Axe of champions. Its next to the words "FNCS Finals" and the names Jur3ky, Queasy44 and Trulex on a pink and purple background.

Despite his successes, Jur3ky entered the dreaded FNCS hangover. He explained in the Twitlonger that negativity crept into his mindset. Not knowing what’s next put him in a bizarre position.

“It was actually me not knowing what's next, I wasn't as hungry. I didn't have the drive I had when I was striving to be the best. It all just faded away, as if it was never there. I was quite lost and didn't know what to do, I wanted to grind and play, but It all felt so boring and meaningless.”

The hangover is not an uncommon phenomenon in traditional sports or competitive gaming. Jur3ky had clearly defined goals which he achieved impressively. However, the Croatian elaborated that he simply did not aim high enough.

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“I think It was my goal, my goal was way to simple [sic]. The goal was so easy to reach that no matter the placement, If it was $5k+ I would've fallen into the same place. So what I've learned, make up silly dreams. ‘I will win world cup’ or ‘I will get 10k average viewers on Twitch,’” he wrote. “Something so silly that you almost can't believe it yourself, but this way you won't reach it in a month, 3 months, or maybe even a year. It'll take you time. This way you can keep your fire burning, this way you won't ever be ‘satisfied.’”

The message is simple—aim for seemingly unreachable goals to never experience burnout or loss of motivation. Jur3ky accomplished what he set out for in mere months and found it challenging to charge forward. He explained his continued struggles with this mentality, but some close friends have helped build him back up to the competitor he was before the big win in Chapter 2 – Season 6.

The Title Defense

The FNCS shield logo appears in a dark green variant with shapes jutting away from it with the words "Fortnite Champion Series" below.

Jur3ky, Queasy and TruleX will defend their title and the Axe of Champions in this season’s FNCS. However, they have already qualified for the Season 7 Finals as a result of their win. Hopefully, the three can muster up the drive it will take to fend off the world’s best Fortnite trios. Jur3ky, at the very least, seems to have found his path and understands what motivation it will take to defend the throne.

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