Fortnite: FNCS Week 4 Day 1 Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Week 4 Day 1 Results

Fortnite Champion Series week four day one is in the books, and we are eyeing the top ten teams heading into finals.

The final qualifying week for the Fortnite Champion Series is nearly complete, with just one round remaining across six of the seven regions. Thus far, we’ve seen a meta develop that most professional players do not particularly enjoy. The server lag has also been an issue, but it hasn't stopped the best duos from securing their spot in the FNCS Heats. Many duos have punched their ticket and some more than once. Let’s take a look at how the action broke down for the top ten of each region as the finals approach.


Umplify and Matsoe stole the show on day one of the week four FNCS qualifier. In the semi-finals, they managed 106 points with a whopping 60 eliminations and one Victory Royale. They finished week three in third overall, and a top-20 finish tomorrow would mark their second qualification in as many weeks. SRN Hardfind and AstroSMZ are seeking their third straight qualification for heats should they pull out a top-20 finish tomorrow. Wolfiez and LeTsHe achieved another high placement and semis but have yet to finish top-20 in the finals. Here’s what the top-ten looks like heading into the final qualifying day.

The leaderboard for Europe showing Umplify and Matsoe in the top spot.

NA East

Mikey and Grandmateets steadied the ship over nine matches and managed three Victory Royales. After qualifying in both weeks two and three, this duo is looking to add themselves to the shortlist of teams to make the cut three times over four weeks of play. RogueShark and Knight continue to impress with another impressive finish in the semi-finals. They’ve qualified for heats twice already and finished in second last week. The top-ten include several exceptional duos, including multiple Daily Duo Cup winners Liquid Chap and MRKN Av as well as Solo World Cup Champion Bugha and Liquid STRETCH.

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Mikey and Grandmateets claim first place on the NA East leaderboard

NA West

After taking first place in NA West finals last week, daddy favs and daddy powur continue to exhibit impressive gameplay. They took a one-point victory in semi-finals with two Victory Royales and 78 eliminations in total. They lead the way along with 100T Rehx and NRG EpikWhale, who have already qualified twice for NA West heats next weekend. Another notable team in the top-ten is Thomuss and wavyjacob, and these two are one of the best controller duos on the planet. They are seeking their third qualification for heats.

daddy favs and daddy powur in the top spot on the NA West leaderboard


AO Summer Smash champion Breso and duo partner Dylan managed 108 points over eight matches in the OCE week four semi-finals. They are seeking their third qualification for heats and can do so with a top-ten finish in this final week of qualifiers. Gooboz and emerging superstar worthy continue showing up on leaderboards with a second-place finish here. These two finished in second last week and would love to add to their earnings.

Breso and Dylan take first place on the Oceania leaderboard


C9 blackoutz and SNG KING left all opponents in their dust with an exceptional 134-point performance in the Brazil semi-finals. The two combined for an insane 85 eliminations and two Victory Royales. Blackoutz and KING have been quiet since week one and are turning it around at the right time with heats next weekend. The top-20 in the Brazil region will secure themselves a spot in heats tomorrow.

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C9 blackoutz and SNG KING claim first place on Brazil's leaderboard


Asia region contenders axicx and DWG Swillium led the pack in the week four semifinals with 102 points over eight matches. These two finished week three out in third place and have some stiff competition rivaling them for the top spot. Riddle Maufin and Riddle Bob are mainstays in this region and also have qualified for finals already. With such a concentrated top tier in Asia, the finals will be outstanding to watch as we head into heats next weekend.

 axicx and DWG Swillium in the top spot on the leaderboard for Asia

Middle East

Week four of the Middle East FNCS concluded with POWER Nasir and POWER GntL in first place and secured their third qualification for heats. They earned 67 points over six Grand Final matches, which dwarfed their competition. The two managed 33 eliminations, creating a separation between them and the other top-ten finishers. Middle Eastern players are now gearing up for their finale next weekend.

POWER Nasir and POWER GntL claim first spot on the Middle East leaderboard

Stay tuned to ESTNN as we provide full results of all qualified duos once the finals finish tomorrow evening.

Source: Fortnite Tracker

Featured Image: Epic Games


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