Fortnite: FNCS Season 8 Semi-Finals & Reboot Round Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Season 8 Semi-Finals & Reboot Round Results

ESTNN recaps the FNCS Season 8 Semi-Finals and Reboot Round.

The world's best Fortnite players are in the midst of a marathon to the finish in Season 8's Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). This accelerated $3M USD competition changed the foundation established by Epic Games over the last few seasons. Epic narrowed qualifying weeks from three to two, altered the qualification prerequisites and added a slew of the fan-favorite Reboot Rounds for trios to endure. All teams had the common goal of reaching the FNCS Season 8 Finals and claiming the elusive Axe of Champions.

Teams that could not guarantee themselves a spot in the finals through one of the weekly qualifiers had a long weekend in front of them. The competition's final weekend stretched across four days. Days one and two provided the Semi-Finals and Reboot Round, respectively. Eligible trios needed either a top-four finish in one of two heats in the Semi-Finals or a single game win in the Reboot Round to reach the Season 8 Finals on days three and four.

With the first half of this chaotic weekend in the bag, we will revisit all the teams that will continue their journey for the Axe of Champions. Let's go through Europe, NA East and NA West to see who is still in control of their destiny in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8.


The European region started with a bang, as Fortnite legend mitr0 qualified for his first FNCS Finals in precisely one year — this time alongside Milan and Aryan. Mitr0's crew managed to secure Believer Beach for themselves and accumulated 115 points across four matches. It was quite the effort and Twitter exploded in reaction to mitr0 inching closer to his second Axe of Champions.

Semi-Finals: Heat A

  • 1st: aryanly 11, Bifrost Milan, Lίquid mίtr0 – 115 points
  • 2nd: Mercury Robban, Axeforce, Paradise Fnajen – 105 points
  • 3rd: advise 7, homyno voxe, EdisonCavani21 – 102 points
  • 4th: WAVE VADEAL 203, GUILD JannisZ, BL NOAHREYLI – 101 points

Semi-Finals Heat B produced a winner in the form of Setty, Kami and teeq. While many looked at Kami's teams as favorites, no one expected such a dominant performance. This trio managed 26 eliminations and an average placement of 4.75 en route to 139 points. The top four teams from Heats A and B, as shown below, have advanced to the Season 8 Finals.

Semi-Finals: Heat B

  • 1st: BL Setty, KamiFN, GXR teeq – 139 points
  • 2nd: Kaande, Paradise Cryed, Evenezy klinberi – 112 points
  • 3rd: LP Seanvpieced, ALOFT Xenolith, LP Remix – 111 points
  • 4th: еgrm, Vitаlity Nikof, nаekoz – 110 points

Hesitation befell the competitive Fortnite collective as Epic Games revealed plans for 12 Reboot Round games—eight more than last season. However, the story unfolded magnificently when Europe's last standing trios scrambled to snag one of the final spots. Highlighting the extensive list below is none other than Fortnite World Cup Duo Champion aqua, who earned a Victory Royale in their last Reboot Round opportunity.

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Here are all 12 of the Reboot Round winners:

Reboot Round: Heat A

  • kаrmаfnr, TT9 Kylie, OVA Awaer7
  • MDS Folnet, Siko WingS, ssp karmy
  • Playwell Vetle 7, еtq, Surprise5
  • Vitality Snayzy, Ѕkitе, naуte
  • eQz gold, ITZ P1ngfnz, vanyak3kk
  • Fastroki, fnatic crriya, aqua

Reboot Round: Heat B

  • King Michаel, PW AstroSMZ, XL Veroх
  • Apeks Krizzii, Polly 76, Wіqcіz
  • MTP HYNEI, MTP Bridou, MTP MyGouté
  • Wavy Brawarrior, Start Didzzz, Monaco Jokzz1x
  • VCTRY korol1k, Bifrost Sp1аash, mawakha 7
  • dyoxyache32, Crow VII, KPI Joseeh

NA East

The two-year trio of Nittle, casqer and Smqcked never displease when they are in the running. Since Season X, this trio has remained a cohesive unit in their quest for an FNCS title. The veterans delivered in Heat A, with 132 points and two Victory Royales. Smqcked and company look to earn their first Axe of Champions out of Retail Row in the Grand Finals.

Semi-Finals: Heat A

  • 1st: Nittle, FS casqer, G2 Smqcked – 132 points
  • 2nd: XTRA Illest, C9 Avery, TNGchukky uchiha – 121 points
  • 3rd: 2R Swappey, FLu Encrypted, FLu iSypo – 117 points
  • 4th: Dxrantula, Reverse2k, ELITE PXMﱞP – 115 points

Heat B saw the ultra-consistent trio of Aspect, Cazz and Whofishy earn the right to defend Pleasant Park in the Finals. Cazz — who has reached every FNCS Finals to date — helped his team compile 130 points across four games and one Victory Royale. They'll be one to watch for in the Grand Finals, along with the others listed below.

Semi-Finals: Heat B

  • 1st: SEN botboispect, Moon Cazz, whofishy carеs – 130 points
  • 2nd: nounzy7, TNG Eclipsae, Coop XIII – 122 points
  • 3rd: Av 203, Dmur., YOUNG EDAN 116 – 122 points
  • 4th: PaMstou, Athletix wCarey, Fаtch – 113 points

NA East's Reboot Round had everything a competitive Fortnite fan could hope to witness. Some of the region's absolute best teams triumphed in the final 12 matches before the Season 8 Finals. Of the qualified teams, Bucke and Clix are two of the most recognizable names. However, Ajerss, Degen and Khanada did the unthinkable—securing first in their sixth and final opportunity. All 12 teams below have secured themselves a spot in the Finals.

Reboot Round: Heat A

  • NRG Buckе, TNG Peterbot, G2 MackWood
  • FS Joji, K2G Kn1pherG, Donieereyli
  • XSET Ceice 4PF, K2G Cold, elitxe ay лол 7
  • FLu Dequented 15, Psr zemo, Zpxу
  • FLu Brycx, FLU CAM SLAM, AG Plague
  • FS DEGEN, Ajerss, BBG KHANADA 200
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Reboot Round: Heat B

  • VCGO Avivv Yt, DOM, Ganzo Lakes
  • NRG СІіх, elite tаhi, sprite -iwnl-
  • 4LK Dolzeur, Slаqzz, EAYROG
  • TNG Nani yt, FLu Kwanti, moon duskybot
  • TNA OliverOG, TNG sikO, Сhimp
  • VCGO Beef, TNG Lupien 001, TNG NicFN.

NA West

The NA West region chose violence in both Semi-Final Heats. Firstly, Middi, Kaboo and Nico broke the FNCS record for most points in only four matches with 178. It was a clinic that will hopefully carry over to the Season 8 Finals, where this team and many other hopes to dethrone reigning champs Arkhram, EpikWhale and rehx.

Semi-Finals: Heat A

  • 1st: xtra hashira 067, 33 Kaboo, PSR Nico – 178 points
  • 2nd: KNG jagveer, Bumbоy, PSR Batman Bugha – 116 points
  • 3rd: XTRA Quinn, 33 wave, Kewlǃ – 111 points
  • 4th: KNG defiable, AG Mojo, PSR Salko – 110 points

Fortnite veteran 4DRStorm continued one of the most dominant streaks in history with a win in Heat B. The NA West player has now qualified for every major FNCS Final and both Fortnite World Cup Finals. This time, he, maken and mooseggs lapped the field with 159 points. They will look to claim the Axe of Champions over the next two days.

Semi-Finals: Heat B

  • 1st: Nova 4DRStorm, mаken, mooseggsfnrr – 159 points
  • 2nd: CLG symetrical, TEMPLE B, 33 wavyjacob – 109 points
  • 3rd: XTRA Reetlol ., 33 favs, XTRA snacky – 107 points
  • 4th: XTRA Caleb., Riversan, XTRA Tautai – 104 points

The NA West Reboot Round was filled with surprises—highlighted by several content creators and casters separating themselves from the pack. The team of NoahWPlays, Ranger and Vanillaz secured a spot in the Season 8 Finals with a Victory Royale in Reboot Round Heat A. Part-time caster and player CLG Tocata also earned the right to compete in the Finals.

Reboot Round: Heat A

  • Assault Zookez, STL KIMCHI 203, GarbageTruck2019
  • NoahWPlays, Raпger, AS
  • wtj a1alex, 50cal fruit, delta vz
  • rvn bizzie, LKS CluTcHz, YSF Daddy Smuq
  • bad boy xdioz, Assault Halcon, CLG Tocata
  • 2006 born, akaBoltz 7, MERK LuckyPump

Reboot Round: Heat B

  • аlteu, 4LK G5RC, antraxs
  • LKS Mclovin, Dubz1x, ΛΣ ZixT
  • JayRosez, LeDog James, zinqxzǃ
  • XLR Tour Llif3, EXL Solоu, EXL Nova
  • Ѕhallo, Sharp2k, asianfeeds
  • STL Full Pieced, quickamon, MERK RVSSO

Twelve matches separate the world's best Fortnite players from ultimate glory and a portion of $3M USD. Those games will play out over the next two days as FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 8 comes to a close. Be sure to refer to our viewing guide to learn how and when you can watch each region's conclusion. Check back here on Sunday as well for a complete recap of all the action!

Feature Image: Epic Games

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