Fortnite: FNCS Season 6 Aftermath — Legacies Cemented

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Fortnite: FNCS Season 6 Aftermath — Legacies Cemented

ESTNN recaps some of the top storylines from the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Season 6 Finals.

On the heels of possibly competitive Fortnite's best tournament to date, the dust continues to settle. The storylines built throughout the season came to a head in the Season 6 Finals. Former winners sought a return to form while reigning champions fought to defend their throne. Seven trios across seven sever regions can call themselves the best, and each received their Axe of Champions as the ultimate reward.

Everything from the FNCS Qualifier to the Reboot Round created exciting narratives regardless of the region. Some teams rose to the occasion, and others fell short of their lofty expectations. Today, ESTNN revisits the FNCS Season 6 Finals, where teams defined their legacies and secured a page in competitive Fortnite's history books.

Queasy, TruleX & Jur3ky Break Through

Jur3ky's reaction to winning FNCS grands from FortniteCompetitive

European players Queasy, TruleX and Jur3ky earned themselves a career-defining victory, which no one expected. Not many players and personalities picked them, but the team lingered all season long. A second-place finish in Heat B punched their ticket to compete against Europe's top dogs in the Season 6 Finals. A 12-game marathon ensued, and only one could become champions.

The eventual winners stayed patient, utilizing their uncanny ability to secure high-ground over the region's most formidable trios. It was close until the end as Queasy's team and MrSavage's team both needed a strong finish to win. A three-elimination seventh-place effort in game 12 put Queasy, TruleX and Jur3ky at 333 points overall, 17 more than MrSavage's team. Despite sitting in fifth on day one, the new FNCS Champions realized a season-long goal spectacularly. The clip above captures Jur3ky's reaction and shows just how much an FNCS title means to these players.

MrSavage Overcomes Sub-Par FNCS Performances

Martin “100T MrSavage” Foss Andersen is indisputably one of the best players in Fortnite history. Dating back to the inaugural World Cup in 2019, it's challenging to find a single flaw in the young Norwegian player's extensive career. He won DreamHack Anaheim in early 2020 against some of the world's best players, cementing himself as a top talent. Despite his track record, MrSavage developed a peculiar pattern in FNCS competitions that fell well below expectations.

He qualified for every FNCS Final except for squads in Chapter 2 – Season 1, an exceptional achievement on its own. Before yesterday, MrSavage's best Fortnite Champion Series finish occurred way back in Season X, where he, Dave “Rojo” Jong and Calum “itemm” MacGillivray finishes in seventh. Nearly two years later, MrSavage has finally gotten the FNCS monkey off his back. He did so alongside his friends and fellow Euros — Endre “Endretta” Byre and Oscar “Refsgaard” Dalgas Refsgaard — who were both seeking their first relevant FNCS placement as well.

MrSavage, Endretta and Refsgaard can now entirely focus on next season's finals without the FNCS Qualifiers and Semi-Finals looming over their heads. Perhaps the three players could parlay this performance into the Axe of Champions.

TaySon, Nayte & 4zr Complete an Outstanding Season

The saga of GUILD Esports player Tai “TaySon” Starčič continued in Season 6 with another impressive performance. A native of Slovenia, TaySon currently holds two FNCS victories in Chapter 2 – Season 3 and Chapter 2 – Season 4. He earned the title of “Best Player of 2020” for that precise reason. After a shaky Season 5, where he could not see eye-to-eye with former trio teammate Miran “Apeks IDrop” Tavakolzadeh, TaySon found himself with remarkable French players Jérémy “Grizi 4zr” Dang and Nathan “nayte” Berquignol.

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TaySon, 4zr and nayte proceeded to have arguably their most consistent season collectively. The three players achieved four notable tournament wins, including a first-place finish in FNCS Heat B. Many predicted TaySon, 4zr and nayte to channel that success into the Season 6 Finals. The trio compiled a respectable 155 points on day one, putting them in fourth with six matches remaining. Two former FNCS winners in their own right, TaySon and nayte took it upon themselves to pave the way toward the winner's circle.

They did just that on day two, where they accumulated an additional 129 points, good enough for third. TaySon has finished third, eighth, first, first and fifth in his last five FNCS competitions. To boot, 4zr earned his highest placement in the flagship event and nayte added another on top of his win in Chapter 2 – Season 2. This trio has quite a future ahead of them.

Reverse2k, Deyy & Mero Become 2x Champions

While the European scene crowned a first-time champion trio, the NA East region saw three former Axe of Champion holders elevate to the top once again. The unimaginable combination of Malachi “ENDL8SS Reverse2k” Greiner, ENDL8SS Mero and ENDL8SS Deyy showed that they are a cut above the competition.

After winning FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4, these three followed that performance with a fourth-place result in Season 5. Heading into the Season 6 Finals, the defending champion trio led by Jack “G2 Jahq” Downs and the two-time runner-up team of Evan “FaZe Cented” Barron, Josh “TSM Commandment” Roach and Benjamin “NRG Edgey” Peterson captured the spotlight.

Reverse2k took offense to the disrespect and subsequently published a relatively viral YouTube video, essentially calling out all 32 opposing finalists. Over the next two days, Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy put the NA East scene on notice. Their two-day effort produced 372 points and 77 eliminations, a feat that no other team threatened. They finished 21 eliminations ahead of the Degen, Ajerss and Skqttles, and required no Victory Royales to claim their second Axe of Champions.

There's no disputing the achievement or the notion that Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy are built differently than other teams.

Commandment, Cented & Edgey Finish Runner-up… Again

Competitive Fortnite fans in the know would be hard-pressed to find a more consistent trio than Commandment, Cented and Edgey. There's little that they do wrong, and each possesses an impressive ability to carry the load when needed. All three are selfless and willing to sacrifice their statistics for the ultimate prize.

Commandment, Cented and Edgey entered Chapter 2 – Season 6 as overwhelming favorites. Coming off of two consecutive runner-up finishes in Seasons 4 and 5, it seemed inevitable that Season 6 was their moment. This trio delivered several top-ten results throughout the season leading into the FNCS Season 6 Finals. Everything went according to plan, but somehow, Commandment, Cented and Edgey found themselves in a familiar position once again.

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The three NA East titans held carried the lead into day two. With victory in sight, the highly-touted team continued their consistent gameplay. Unfortunately, an early exit from Cented in the final match allowed Reverse2k and company to climb back to the top. Commandment's trio ended the tournament in second place for the third straight season. While it's an impressive accomplishment, they had higher expectations. Season 7 is another opportunity for Cented's team to overcome the runner-up curse and finally wield the Axe of Champions.

K1nG Continues Dominance Over Brazil

Thiago “FaZe K1nG” Lapp surfaced in 2019 at the Fortnite World Cup as a 13-year-old prodigy. That fateful day in New York produced a young Argentinian star who feared no one. Since then, he has not reappeared on the global stage but instead continues to assert dominance over Fortnite's underappreciated Brazilian region.

That control was on display in the Season 6 Finals. K1nG joined defending champs Seeyun and Cadu with hopes of bringing him another FNCS title. The three proved too much for their opponents to handle. Two Victory Royales, 63 eliminations and 334 points put K1nG, Seeyun and Cadu comfortably in first. The legacy of K1nG added another chapter as the final leaderboard populated.

K1nG is one of an elite few to have qualified for every major Fortnite tournament since the World Cup. His FNCS results are as follows; 2nd, 14th, 5th, 61st, 1st, 2nd, 6th, 1st. The former prodigy has evolved into an unstoppable force in the Brazilian region. While Europe and NA East hog the headlines, K1nG continues to make a case as one of the world's best players.

Muz, Speedy & Looter Win Second FNCS Before Heading to North America

Dominance is a somewhat relative term in competitive Fortnite, given the game's inherent unpredictability. However, what Australian players Muz, Speedy and Looter have accomplished since combining forces in Chapter 2 – Season 5. This trio churned out seven tournament wins thus far, including two FNCS Championships.

Some may scoff at the achievement, considering the Oceania region boasts a significantly smaller player base and prize pool. Yes, the competition in Australia is not at the same level as Europe or NA East, but Oceania is a top-heavy region. Muz, Speedy and Looter are constantly battling the best of their territory, whether it be a Trio Cash Cup or an FNCS.

Before claiming their second Axe of Champions in as many seasons, the Aussie triumvirate signed with Team New Age, a North American esports organization. Post-victory, Muz, Speedy and Looter will venture to the United States to showcase their skills against the NA East region. It's perhaps the most exciting storyline ahead of the next trio Fortnite Champion Series.

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