Fortnite: FNCS Roster Changes Shake Up the EU Scene

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Fortnite: FNCS Roster Changes Shake Up the EU Scene

The upcoming Fortnite Champion Series is nearly a week away, and professional scrims are helping spectators understand exactly what to expect at a high-level with teams of four players. The meta is developing rather fast, and it seems that this development is reflecting poorly on some recognizable names out of the European scene. It’s becoming abundantly clear that rosters of four players is much harder to maintain than previously speculated. The end of trios meant inevitable roster changes, and what we’ve seen thus far is a learning experience for all professional players.

Mongraal and Benjyfishy Find a New Squad


The speculation behind the squad of Kyle “FaZe Mongraal” Jackson, Benjy “NRG Benjyfishy” Fish, Klaus “E11 Stompy” Konstanzer and Dave “COOLER aqua” Wang has not been particularly positive. Splitting with Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie was a questionable decision from the outset, and this turned into even more roster moves. We are now seeing that the four aforementioned players were just not clicking on the same page. Although the reasons are unclear, Jackson and Fish identified the issue and ultimately decided to part ways with Konstanzer and Wang. It’s rather odd considering this squad took two players from arguably the best trios in Season X.

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The short-lived squad has now split up, meaning Fish and Jackson will now team with Endre “MSF Endretta” Byre and Nathan “LeStream Nayte” Berquignol. It’s an odd pairing seeing as Byre’s squad saw him linking up with his fellow European Misfits Gaming members. Similarly, Berquignol was to team with Solary’s Nikof and Airwaks. Regardless, the opportunity to play alongside two of the best players presented itself to both Berquignol and Byre. This would most certainly be a difficult opportunity to pass on.

What’s Next for Aqua and Stompy

After splitting with Jackson and Fish, it appears that Konstanzer and Wang have also made decision regarding their Fortnite Champion Series roster. The Championship winning trio of Wang, Konstanzer and Thomas “E11 Tschinken” Hörak has officially reformed. Despite a successful endeavor with Martin “NRG MrSavage” Andersen’s squad, Hörak rejoins the roster that helped win him the EU Season X Championship. Konstanzer, Hörak and Wang have added Ivan “x8” Travanov to complete their roster. Travanov had briefly played alongside Leo the crack, Derox and Pr0vokd. This squad is hoping to maintain the spark that brought them a championship last season.

Squads Left with Minimal Options

These roster moves have left an impression on squads that were allegedly ready to approach the Fortnite Champion Series. The team of Martin “NRG MrSavage” Andersen, Kevin “G2 Tohaj” Batic and Lassi “hREDS BELAEU” Kallio had seen early success with Hörak, but now must go in search of a fourth. The same can be said for the Misfits Gaming team of Musse “MSF Ares” Salah, Arun “MSF Kylix” Swift and Joakim “MSF Osmo” Osmo, who are now without Byre as their fourth player. Finally we have the team of Karim “Solary Airwaks” Benghalia, Nicolas “Solary Nikof” Frejavise and Ivan “VIT Hawkers” Riffel who watched as Nathan “Nayte” Berquignol joined forces with the ultra-talented, Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish and Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson.

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These team of three have a short timespan from now until the beginning of the Fortnite Champion Series to fill out their roster. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of talent in the European scene, so finding one last complementary piece may not be too difficult. We will be listening closely to see how the remaining roster shake out heading into the FNCS and its $5M USD prize pool.

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