Fortnite: FNCS Invitational Week 1 Day 1 Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Invitational Week 1 Day 1 Results

Day one has come to a close for the FNCS Invitational. We take a look at the top performers.

Players across all seven regions loaded into the Battle Bus for the first-ever FNCS Invitational.

The competitors include past FNCS finalists, open qualifiers and multiple specialty invited players. Roughly 600 players will narrow themselves down to 300 after tomorrow concludes. Those top 300 will move into the second round. Keep in mind that a Reboot Round will go into effect after next weekend. Previously eliminated players will have another chance to find their way into the Grand Finals.

The FNCS Invitational format takes each player's total score over two days. That total will decide who will move to the next round. Unfortunately, we do not have the cumulative totals for the Middle East. Epic Games will hopefully provide an update at the end of tomorrow’s games. Until then, we will have to eagerly wait to see who all made it to round two. Let’s take a look at six of the seven competitive regions and how day one shook out in each.


Day one for Europe saw the solo resurgence of NRG benjyfishy, who played better than he has all season in solos. He put up 250 points over nine matches with 38 eliminations. Benjy was not ready to concede first place to a controller player. Speaking of which, top controller player Letshe followed closely behind benjyfishy with 233 points overall. Although the top-12 players have eclipsed 150 points, tomorrow’s matches will also count toward their cumulative scores. The top-300 players after tomorrow will move onto next week.

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The leaderboard showing the top 10 names in Europe

NA East

Commandment of Team SoloMid put on a clinic on day one against NA East’s best. He won three straight matches to close out day one. He early managed to double everyone else’s eliminations below him on the leaderboard. Commandment likely won’t need many more points tomorrow to move himself to week two. Console specialist nut finished a mere 99 points behind Commandment, but still surpassed the 200-point threshold. The top-12 below have put themselves in a stable position as they look to move into week two of the FNCS Invitational.

The leaderboard for NA East, showing the top 10

NA West

Bumboy put all NA West competitors on notice with four Victory Royales in just seven matches. He produced the best performances across all regions outside of Commandment overall with 288 points. Bumboy finished a full 42 points ahead of second and will likely see his way into the next round. Controller players NRG EpikWhale and wavyjacob also found their way into the top-10. The top 300 players after tomorrow will move into round two.

The top 10 players on the leader board for NA West


DreamHack Anaheim standout RepulseGod took first on day one of the OCE FNCS Invitational. With 244 points overall, RepulseGod is off to an excellent head start. He will need to pad his lead tomorrow to secure himself a spot in the next round. Here is how the top-12 looks after day one.

The leader board for Oceania


Top NA West contender Vanish Thome decided to compete in the Brazil region for the FNCS Invitational. He finished with 215 points after nine matches. Some other notable names atop the leaderboard include Kurtz, leleo and jpsk1ng. The top-12 has a comfortable lead as they look to secure a top-300 finish tomorrow.

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The leader board for Brazil showing the top 10


NSR EpikKogalerr amassed 234 points and leads after day one in the Asia region. Usual suspects CR Ruri and Peterpan also appeared atop the leaderboard as well. Here is how the top-12 looks heading into round two of week one.

The top 10 on the leader board for Asia

That concludes day one of the FNCS Invitational. Stay tuned for the complete results tomorrow after NA West ends!

Featured Image: Epic Games

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