Fortnite: FNCS Grand Royale Day One Recap & Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Grand Royale Day One Recap & Results

Day one is a wrap in the $5M USD FNCS Grand Royale event.

Qualified trio teams across competitive Fortnite’s seven server regions have reached the halfway point. Six games set the stage for an exciting finish to crown seven champions and the majority winners of $5M USD—one of the most robust prize pools in recent memory. On the heels of the 2022 competitive Fortnite announcement, these teams are looking to put a stamp on the end of Trios before switching to Duos.

Europe, NA East and NA West dominated the headlines as usual. Each region possesses a collection of insanely talented players—all of which have the Grand Royale Championship in their crosshairs. Success began on day one, where teams competed under the usual scoring system. However, that will all change tomorrow when point values are doubled, and each elimination and placement point means that much more.

Let’s look at how the three major regions played out after one day and see who is within striking distance of first place.


Catty Corner Crew in Front

The European region delivered on day one, as several recognizable trios ended atop the leaderboard. First off is the tournament favorites — Queasy, GUILD Anas and AST Th0masHD — started slow but rallied back to finish their opening six matches.

The Catty Corner representatives managed 200 points, which included two back-to-back Victory Royales and 35 eliminations. While the job is not done, Queasy, Anas and the newly signed Astralis player Th0masHD are in the driver’s seat with double points sitting in front of them.

Darkhorse Team Kefyy, pkr & Mlody Close Behind

Someway somehow, the underdogs VCTRY Kefyy, Monaco pkr and LMNX Mlody rounded out the first day in second place. Their opening six matches saw them pick up 45 eliminations—the highest mark of any other trio on day one.

This team’s slaying ability helped carry them into the runner-up position, but their placement points left a bit to be desired. Kefyy, pkr and Mlody produced a massive second-place finish with 17 eliminations in game six. They’ll need to carry that forward into the finals FNCS Grand Royale session.

It’s Anyone’s Game

The gap between first and fourth is only 30 points, and that means anyone inside the top-15 is in play, considering the doubled point values tomorrow. TaySon’s team and the defending FNCS Champions — BL Setty, Kami and GXR teeq — are lurking and could walk away victorious when tomorrow’s action concludes. No lead is safe in this format, so it’ll be important to watch as teams continue jockeying for leaderboard position over the last six games.

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Current Standings

  • 1st: Queasy, GUILD Anas, AST Th0masHD – 200 points
  • 2nd: VCTRY Kefyy, Monaco pkr, LMNX Mlody – 186 points
  • 3rd: GUILD Hen, Falcon TaySon, Falcon Chapix – 183 points
  • 4th: BL Setty, Kami, GXR teeq – 170 points
  • 5th: PWR Saevid, FS Umplify, Matsoe – 149 points
  • 6th: Wave Vadeal, GUILD JannisZ, BL Noahreyli – 137 points
  • 7th: FLAMES FlowiS, Not Hellfire, 00 Skram – 131 points
  • 8th: dyox, Crow KPI, Joseeh – 128 points
  • 9th: Joe, Karma, TT9 Kylie – 126 points
  • 10th: etq, Centric Hottie, elokratz – 118 points
  • 11th: 00 Endretta, NRG BenjyFishy, 100T MrSavage – 115 points
  • 12th: CL Safik, TCE 1Lusha, CL Putrick – 114 points
  • 13th: LC Bloomadeal, BL PabloWingu, FLAMES Swag – 107 points
  • 14th: Ghosttles, OVA Flyy, Devour Waiz – 95 points
  • 15th: Falcon Andilex, 4zr, Xsweeze – 89 points

NA East

Pleasant Park Trio Dominates

No one expected a team to dominate the first day of action outright in the NA East region. Enter FS Zlem, TNG Tkay and TNG Chukky, who relished in the role of tournament front-runners. Despite competing against some outstanding opponents, these three showed ice in their veins.

Across six matches — Zlem, Tkay and Chukky led the field with an unfathomable 49 eliminations and capped off their day with a 16-elimination Victory Royale. The point system change tomorrow could work against them or in their favor, but this trio looks otherworldly after day one.

Season 5 Champs Finish Day One in Second

The revenge narrative is in full effect for FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5 Champions G2 Jahq, LG Slackes and Acorn. After missing the Season 8 Finals, it wasn’t clear whether this team would continue forward or seek other teammates. The former came to fruition, and it appears to have been the correct choice.

While no team could compare to the current leaders — Jahq, Slacks and Acorn executed a consistent performance. They finished day one with 153 points, including 21 eliminations and an average placement of 7.50. Jahq and company will need a more substantial effort tomorrow but could certainly usurp the current leaders with a few solid games.

Defending Champs + Dukez Round Out Top Three

Season 8 Champions Bugha and Mero dropped Muz following their victory, replacing him with Season 7 winner Dukez. Some believe it was an upgrade while others felt differently. Nonetheless, it’s challenging to deny what they’ve done so far in the FNCS Grand Royale.

The three players battled through Storm Surge struggles and ultimately finished day one in the third position. Bugha, Mero and Dukez managed 144 points in their opening six matches. Despite the massive 73-point deficit—this trio could rally on day two to capture the Grand Royale title. It may just take a few minor adjustments

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Current Standings

  • 1st: FS Zlem, TNG Tkay, TNG Chukky – 217 points
  • 2nd: LG Slackes, Acorn, G2 Jahq – 153 points
  • 3rd: TNG Dukez, TNA Mero, SEN Bugha – 144 points
  • 4th: XSET Ceice, Cold, elitxe – 143 points
  • 5th: skqttles, TNG Justice, 33 Userz – 139 points
  • 6th: Osp, 33 Visxals, C9 Fryst – 136 points
  • 7th: TSM FTX Commandment, FaZe Cented, Liquid Stretch – 136 points
  • 8th: DeRoller, Moon Speguu, 33 Charlie – 132 points
  • 9th: Ghost Nittle, FS casqer, clarityG – 129 points
  • 10th: LG Jamper, Deyy, NOVA Tragix – 124 points
  • 11th: Astra Cobolt, sparkgrr, Aminished – 116 points
  • 12th: FS Degen, C9 Nosh, Eomzo – 115 points
  • 13th: Av, Dmur, young edan9 – 104 points
  • 14th: NOVA Mikey6, Chronic Jays, G2 Smqcked – 100 points
  • 15th: G2 Ajerss, Saf, BBG Khanada – 100 points

NA West

An Unexpected Team in Front

NA West is often the tale of two teams, but a new contender rose to the occasion to begin the FNCS Grand Royale. Mizuul poffiee, CYRZR WLR and eclipse set a precedent following their fifth-place finish in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 8. Despite all talk revolving around team Rehx and team Arkham, poffiee and company showed their ability to contend.

The current leaders finished day one with 196 points, including one Victory Royale to open the tournament. It’ll be a tall order to hold off the two titans in second and third, but not impossible.

100T Rehx, 33 favs and 33 Snacky sit in second with 175 points on the heels of a two Victory Royale showing. Reet, NRG EpikWhale and 100T and Arkham have 155 points heading into the final day. It’s truly anyone’s tournament, and we’ve seen how well the top teams can battle through adversity.

Current Standings

  • 1st: Mizu poffiee, CYRZR WLR, eclipse – 196 points
  • 2nd: 100T Rehx, 33 favs, 33 Snacky – 175 points
  • 3rd: 100T Arkhram, Reet, NRG Epikwhale – 155 points
  • 4th: Mizu Grim, MERK Yumi34, PSR Squishy – 143 points
  • 5th: Quinn, 33 WAVE, NOVA Kewl – 139 points
  • 6th: 33 Middi, PSR Nico, 33 Chris – 134 points
  • 7th: TC Arkatsuki, PSR Aiden, Mystry Nigel – 133 points
  • 8th: g0dku, 33 Glace, NorCal fecoy – 130 points
  • 9th: tinder gold cash, mystry horkermug, Pure Natee – 129 points
  • 10th: 33 Kenshi, Mizu Maken, CLG Jay – 128 points
  • 11th: 33 andyvencha, FS Criizux, G2 Jelty – 120 points
  • 12th: KNG chicken, Lush, 33 Mechton – 120 points
  • 13th: 33 Mony, 33 Hov, PSR Reguletor – 117 points
  • 14th: PSR Rexzi, Dynamic, Mystry Zehlo – 114 points
  • 15th: Drew, MTS CUHDi, ASSAULT CHEATRS – 97 points

That concludes our recap of day one. Be sure to check back here for a complete overview of the FNCS Grand Royale Finals once NA West concludes!

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