Fortnite: FNCS Finals Day 1 Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Finals Day 1 Results

See how the first two heats played out in five of the seven competitive Fortnite regions with $5M USD on the line.

As expected, the first round of heats in the Duos Fortnite Champion Series did not finish without controversy. Although we still have two full days of action remaining, we have arrived at the halfway point of at least the first round of the FNCS Finals. Day one included grieving and some shocking end results from some of the best duos. As we await the results of Oceania and Asia, five of the seven competitive regions have produced a wide range of outcomes. Keep in mind that the top-12 teams from each Europe, NA East, NA West and Brazil heat will reach the Grand Finals. In Oceania, Asia and the Middle East, the top-25 duos from each heat will advance the final round. With that said, let’s see how the first round of heats played out across Europe, NA East, NA West, Brazil and the Middle East.


The first two heats of the FNCS played out over six hours in total with some expected and unexpected results. Heat one was a bit more predictable given the results; with Russian’s Gambit letw1k3 and VP Kiryache32 putting on an absolute clinic en route to a first-place finish. This ever-improving tandem amassed 42 eliminations and even managed a Victory Royale, winding up with 76 points overall. Heat one favorites Stompy and COOLER aqua did all the damage needed. Landing at The Grotto and scoring two Victory Royales over six matches. Four-time qualifiers TCE Kubx and TCE KamiFN also found their way into the finals with a sixth-place finish.

Heat two produced some shocking results with top duo FaZe Mongraal and NRG benjyfishy, unfortunately, finishing outside of the top-12. Their Sweaty Sands rivals; MCES Andilex and LeStream Nayte, crowned themselves the true kings of Sweaty Sands with 51 points and a first-place finish. They produced 30 eliminations, topping all other duos in heat two. Primzhy and Virsuh followed closely behind with 48 points and one Victory Royale. Notable teams that fell outside the top-12 include Airwaks and Nikof, 4zr and Kinstaar and finally TrainH Matsoe and TrainH Umplify. The following 24 duos are through to the Grand Finals on Sunday.

Heat One

  • VP Kiryache32, Gambit.letw1k3
  • Stompgraal, COOLER aqua
  • queаsy, TruleX -ʊ-
  • VP Siberiajkee, putr0
  • TriZоX, Smudge .
  • TCE Kubx, TCE KamiFN
  • snaggedrr, stеelix
  • Refsgaardrr, secret skramrr
  • stormydoggo932, Fury Legendary
  • wxlfiez, LxTsHe
  • SRN LeoJayT, serenity joshh
  • icetzy, mоsh.

Heat Two

  • MCES Andilexrr, LeStream nayterr
  • Primzhy, Vіrsuh
  • elokratz, SNG Trippernn
  • TCE Rakso, artorrr
  • GODSENT znappy, GODSENT wak1e
  • KPZET, starboy fex
  • rezon ay. -ʊ-, OVA Ditrxx
  • COOLER Noward, MCES xsweeze
  • Wave Mаеstго, Wave Styler
  • Lareez 77, hREDS BELAEU
  • Joey Rae, rãze
  • Solarу Magl, Solarу EMXXRR

NA East

Two heats down, two heats to go in NA East with some notable duos punching their ticket to the Grand Finals. In heat one, the self-proclaimed best Grotto team of Tfue and Scoped stuck to their gameplan and won their POI of spawn in all six matches. Chap and Av also stuck to their strategy, but Tfue and Scoped came out with the most points out of all 50 teams. The two rival duos matched one another in eliminations, and it will be interesting to see the strategy out of each group in the Grand Finals. Long-time duo TSM Commandment and SEN HighSky stayed consistent throughout the day, earning 42 points with one Victory Royale and 16 eliminations.

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The second of two heats saw MSF Clix and yung calculator dominate with 61 points and safe passage through to the Grand Finals. This talented duo nearly doubled the eliminations of their opponents and average over six per game. Fan-favorite Clix is looking for his first FNCS victory along with Season X Champion, yung calculator. Vanish Cazz and Crimz tied for second with 51 points, but won the tie-breaker with one more Victory Royale than Kn1pher and snakerr. Cented and Edgey reached the finals, as did TSM Khanada and joey2c. The top 12 from heats one and two will participate in the Grand Finals.

Heat One

  • Ѕcoped, Tfue
  • TSM_Comadon, SEN HighSky -α-
  • MRKN Av, Grotto Chap
  • fatch., Nobu NicFN.
  • Mikeу., grandmateets
  • Sid ., Pаns
  • Timbers pgod 神, Timbers Alliege
  • 7eoLeo, Gandhi dabdabdab
  • LDamienS Ϟ, roqz
  • lyricen, kοlor
  • nosh, chaоtic

Heat Two

  • MSF Clix, Vanguard Calc
  • vanish cazz, Code Crimz
  • Kn1pher, snakerrǃ
  • TеeJay, Ferrrnаndv
  • Thatoneguyluca, Twitter H4NSSEN
  • Legedien, Armond.
  • v0il, VYΧ.
  • Jamperδ, Paper
  • NobuPoakz, cN Tragix YT
  • Prien Ω, SpirοK
  • cented, NRG Edgey
  • TSM Khanadarr, joey2c

NA West

100T Falconer and Liquid Riversan achieved a clean first-place finish in heat one of NA West. They earned 59 points over six matches dropping at The Rig and maintained an 8.17 average placement. Most expected this type of performance from the two NA West players considering their three successful qualifications. Falconer and Riversan put up six eliminations and earned a Victory Royale to close out heat one. Thomuss and wavyjacob fell ten points short of first, but have moved into the Grand Finals. The talented controller duo had no Victory Royales but did not even need wins with 25 eliminations and three top-five finishes.

Heat two saw favorites 100T Arkhram and andrew continued their NA West dominance with 74 points, a Victory Royale and most important of all, a first-place finish. Arkhram and andrew combined for 37 eliminations and will meet NA West’s best in the Grand Finals. The rising duo, Mony and toff, also continued an impressive stretch of Fortnite with a second-place finish. Their six-game endeavor led to 31 eliminations and 65 points. The first 24 of 48 teams have secured their spots in the NA West Grand Finals.

Heat One

  • 100T Falconer, Liquid Riversan
  • Thomuss_, fluffydolphin932
  • defiableYT, Skillz eVe
  • glowieiwnl, foreswear
  • reіgn., Wіzz
  • Nedak ᵒᵒㅤ, Apex Swarm ζ
  • Dopiㅤ, Kytrex
  • daddy temple, daddy samster
  • cortеx, slimezey
  • O2 Spectro, brogster.
  • LXDESMAN, Outcast Howdy
  • Рeаcе, Herrions.
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Heat Two

  • 100T Arkhram., andrеw.
  • Мony, tоff
  • Bumbоy NFQ, 4DRStorm.
  • XX-02, daddy zesty
  • Outcast Litzinio, TRNL Reg
  • Xen ALexX ζ, Lucas is bad.
  • 7 Lush, Assault Poetrr
  • Twitch CozyOzzie, Twitch.CozyOzzie
  • tikkles., fruityǃ
  • joqkerr, Sihllable
  • bааckup, CinxZ
  • AA CZR, AA Riott


Teruel and zDuduh came out of seemingly nowhere to win heat one in the Brazil region over as lineup of impressive duos. Their key to victory included placements consistently inside the top-15 in all games except for one. Additionally, teruel and zDuduh compiled 35 eliminations in total, which significantly boosted their point count. Ndp and Drakonz followed closely behind, taking second place in heat one. Many of the top Brazilian duos in heat one secured their spot in the Grand Finals.

As many predicted, leleo and master took heat two with 63 points over six matches. They, too, managed consistent top-15 placements and even added a Victory Royale in game four. DC MysticK and DC OPai also punched their ticket to the final round after qualifying in three of the four FNCS weeks. The top 12 from heats one and two are safely through and are awaiting 24 more to join them tomorrow.

Heat One

  • washеd playеr, teruel lul
  • DК 22, ndр
  • pina rapidin, digai lerdin
  • kurтz, Frosтy.
  • zuus тg 彡, Dаviǃ
  • Twitch Ovotz, Top 1 World Cup
  • diguera -ᴄʀ-, jpsk1ng
  • VKS Pulga, vкs моjак
  • KBR -ɢ-, Seeyunǃ
  • SE gokzrr, SE Faluve
  • ins0rr, charles.ry
  • kepp -ssj-, aphxz -ssj-

Heat Two

  • leleofishyrr, маsтеr ツ
  • retake.pom, DC Andreoli
  • DC MysticK, DC OPаi
  • cadu lnl, bedin lnl
  • lekmaluco., mstzin -ᴄʀ-
  • Isurus 507 -я-, Isurus fkz -я-
  • TeLL1x, KallutoXX
  • 9z santidead, 9z Twayko
  • Wolfiez GB, Silence Brain90s
  • LtK weY, hMb1x.
  • vichoorr, vichinrr
  • fazergraal, еlmtd

Middle East

Top 25 from heats one and two will compete in Grand Finals beginning at noon EST on Saturday, April 18th.

Heat One

  • kеyboаrd, controІІer
  • pаncakе, Mevǃ
  • TU Brokennnnnn1g, TU Aboo6y
  • Trident Ady, LYC Hawk
  • Saud iwnl, Viiroos
  • zfr1887, Akai76
  • POWER Nasir, POWER GntL
  • SCYTES Bomba, Vеin.
  • nаwaf, Yalla Klipper
  • RuLz Speedy, Krista2x
  • STORM Meza, Farеs
  • SAQR Modisk, ASMR Kai
  • Try Harding bish, CYX_S
  • SAQR QnDx, SAQR Njby
  • C4rL, LeziХ
  • SAQR Soul, SAQR Msg
  • SAQR Rapit, SAQR P5EK
  • TU Νm7, Oryx Rv
  • TSK Raed, TSK Snowyka
  • Killerbxy, Scytes Flamors
  • еvl, fаhаd
  • الاسطول البحريhh, habiebsh ϟ
  • steаdy7, sаmi.
  • kazzooo キ, Muse fdoz キ
  • Μage., ASMR DaddyFaisal

Heat Two


  • TU Dexefite 么, 25 Tooke 么
  • SAQR SNOW, Wiz Brook
  • 25 FHD, 25 Yonx
  • ASMR 3z 么, TU I4xPRO 么
  • ASMR Spy, ASMR KiritoKun
  • ASMR Xx731., ASMR A7mdo
  • ASMR vagnaR 么, Kinqver 么
  • quid ., STORM Oneshot
  • 25 Hero, Нydro .
  • iŘeaper, Liqúd
  • SAQR xJam, SAQR Hellonsteam
  • Demøñ., STORM Vanish
  • Wіz69, SFА7
  • TR ÑeLα, TR Halo
  • TSK Lucci, SAQR RoCK
  • TBM anotamy, xzist .
  • LоFi., Scytes Zak
  • WASP Doom, MES Cursive
  • MES Zeeom, MES Dom
  • MES Ion, Cyaniteツ
  • MES kinji., WASP Esca
  • LND Heif, SAQR 7man
  • TU Jawad1g, TU iExon

Stay tuned to ESNN tomorrow for continuing coverage of the FNCS Finals!

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