Fortnite: FNCS Finalists Disqualified Mid-Tournament Over Toxic Tweet

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Fortnite: FNCS Finalists Disqualified Mid-Tournament Over Toxic Tweet

Epic Games has removed a top European team from the FNCS Finals over a toxic tweet.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Season 6 Finals grew to an uncomfortable level of toxicity in the European region earlier today. A crew of Russian players known in-game as Freemok, 97Default and Wulfee suffered devastating consequences when 97Default sent a malicious message to another team.

Twitter became the central location as all the drama unfolded between the Russians and a rival trio, whom they fought consistently off the spawn in the FNCS Finals. With a share of $3M USD on the line, the conflict elevated to an unsuspected level, and the culprit paid the ultimate price for himself and his team.

97Default Attacks Rival Team on Twitter

97Default, a professional Fortnite player for Luminox Esports, tweeted a confusing yet concerning message toward drop spot rivals k1nzell, IDrop and wakie during the Season 6 Finals. While the tweet is challenging to decipher, 97Default had some bad intentions. And his team suffered the consequences of his actions. The player has since deleted the message, but it surfaced via a screenshot shortly after.

Epic Removed 97Default, Freemok and Wulfee From Season Finals

Epic Games reacted quickly, issuing warnings and removing 97Default, freemok and Wulfee from the competition. A long season of strenuous days and nights resulted in the worst of outcomes. 97Default responded to Epic's decision on Twitter, stating simply, “quit.” He subsequently posted a Twitlonger as an apology to k1nzell, IDrop and wakie.

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He started, “I write publicly, fully aware and responsible for my actions. I am sorry to accept that I will be disqualified from a tournament that we have been working on for so long. I APOLOGIZE for all the words I said to the players”. He continued, “I hope everyone understands the pressure that players who are playing for the first time in the FNCS Finals feel. I had no control over my emotions and my words because of my age.”

Age, unfortunately, is not a strong enough defense. Fortnite competitors need to understand the potential consequences of their actions, especially given the current circumstances with North American player Cody “Clix” Conrod.

Freemok and Wulfee Respond

The disqualification is particularly heartbreaking for Wulfee and freemok, two players who have yet to taste FNCS victory. Freemok sent out a barrage of tweets after Epic banned his team from the tournament. However, the one that sums it all up is merely a broken heart emoji. Wulfee took a more novel approach, reflecting on the importance of kindness.

“and yet I cry, just remember forever, whatever, whoever does something to you, says. Be kind to everyone, I drew conclusions for myself, think for yourself,” he wrote.

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Epic Games has removed the team from the leaderboard, continuing their zero-tolerance policy enforcement. All three players will have to look forward to next season. Other Fortnite competitors should note of the possible ramifications.

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