Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2: NA East Duos to Watch For

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Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2: NA East Duos to Watch For

ESTNN breaks down the five best NA East duos heading into the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS).

The NA East competitive Fortnite region is ready to endure the task that lies ahead. Fortnite’s seasonal Champion Series competition is just one day away. This multi-week tournament allows contenders to establish themselves atop the totem pole. We’ve seen it breed absolute stars in the past, such as FaZe Cented, Mero and NRG Deyy. Meanwhile, top players like Bugha and Zayt continued to dominate in the FNCS. 

One day stands between players and the $3M USD FNCS competition. Thousands of players hope to compile Series Points and perhaps qualify directly for the Chapter 3 Season 2 Finals over the next four weeks. Today, ESTNN brings you the top teams heading into the first Qualifier, who we expect to see contending each week. 

Bugha & Mero

The defending FNCS Champs deserve top billing without question heading into the Chapter 3 Season 2. Both players have entered their prime while possessing multiple FNCS titles. Last season, Mero and Bugha had the luxury of an uncontested Chonker’s Speedway in the Finals. While a similar situation may not occur this season, there is no denying their talent.

This season, the current Axe of Champions holders managed a second and fifth-place finish in Duos Cash Cups. Quite frankly, a lack of repetitions is not an issue for two of the world’s best players. Expect Bugha and Mero to reach the Chapter 3 Season 2 Finals with ease as they look to win their fourth consecutive FNCS Championship. 

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Cented & Cold

FaZe Cented has been on a precipice of his first Axe of Champions for well over a year. He finished runner-up four times under the Trios format–many recognize him as the best in-game leader (IGL) in competitive Fortnite. Couple those statistics with an ultra-talented player in Cold, and we have the makings of a surefire FNCS contender. 

Cented and Cold won two Duos Cash Cups pre-vehicle nerf but have tapered off slightly since then. The Kings is Sleepy Sound enters FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 with high expectations. Their fifth-place finish in the Chapter 3 Season 1 shows that they are capable of greatness. All Cented and Cold need is a few fortunate breaks, and the rest will fall into place. 

Nut & Okis

Underrated players Nut and Okis suddenly emerged as a contender over the last few weeks. The former went on hiatus from Fortnite briefly the previous season, which meant he would miss the entire FNCS. Okis reached the Semi-Finals but ultimately fell short. These two controller players joined forces in late April and instantly meshed well. 

Nut and Okis placed second in their first Duos Cash Cup. They followed that up with a ninth-place finish before winning the most recent NA West Duos Cash Cup. The two have teased a split recently, but we believe Nut and Okis will enter the FNCS together, searching for a Season Finals appearance. 

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Acorn & Edgey

This season, a new duo—Acorn and Edgey—emerged as one of the best, regardless of the region. Acorn split from Khanada after finishing sixth in FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 and combined with Edgey. Both players have found success in past FNCS Finals, making them strong contenders for the Axe of Champions. 

This team’s results in Chapter 3 Season 2 are remarkable; 12th, 19th, 5th, 5th and 4th. Acorn and Edgey have displayed the consistency required to win a Fortnite Champion Series event. They’ll undoubtedly need to overcome adversity while landing at the hotly contested Tilted Towers. Nevertheless, there’s a path to victory for this tandem. 


Joji & Rocaine

Joji and Rocaine are two names you might not be familiar with in the competitive Fortnite scene. However, this pair has quietly rounded into form at an ideal time. Their partnership remained intact following an 11th place result in FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1. Since then, their best placements include a 4th, 2nd, 1st and 2nd. While Joji and Rocaine might not be the most recognizable names, their results are impossible to ignore. 

These five times and many others enter the ring tomorrow afternoon. Be sure to check out or viewing guide to see how you can watch. Also, you may want to check Twitch ( and search for players that broadcast the first few rounds.

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