Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Finals: NA East Preview & Predictions

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Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Finals: NA East Preview & Predictions

North America's top 50 Fortnite Duos are in for a grueling weekend in the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finals.

The journey began three months ago following the release of Fortnite Chapter 3. A new map appeared alongside new weapons and mechanics to the delight of most players. No matter the opinion, Chapter 3 Season 1 provided Fortnite a much-needed boost after a lengthy stay in Chapter 2. Competitors took some time to assess the meta, master the new mechanics and learn the map all to prepare for another FNCS.

While it was a lot to digest, the world's best powered through adversity and helped carve out their respective approaches to the meta. NA East remains arguably the second-best region—behind only Europe. Well-known names and rising stars such as Bugha, Mero, Cented, Stretch, Deyy, Clix and Commandment all made it to the final showdown. 

Today, ESTNN brings you a comprehensive preview of what to expect in this weekend's FNCS Final. We'll also provide a few predictions toward the end, so be sure to check it out before we close out the competitive season. 

Format, Meta and Drop Spot Map

The NAECompReport Twitter account compiled a list of the 50 finalists and their chosen landing spots. Refer above to learn where the various teams will drop. It's important to remember that uncontested Duos tend to thrive in set lobbies, but honestly, anything can happen in competitive Fortnite. 

Teams will most likely prioritize higher rarity Stinger SMGs and MK-Seven Assault Rifles from a meta standpoint. These two weapons are unquestionably the most reliable for Storm Surge damage and pressuring opponents. Also, despite multiple nerfs, the Spider-Man Web Shooters remain crucial for late-game positioning and rotations. 

Other utility items teams hope to possess are Launch Pads and Armored Walls; both are useful in certain situations. Expect some teams to stockpile Chug Splashes and Med Mist if these games end in a heal-off. 

Now that we provided an overview of the meta let's look at the entire field before getting into the predictions. 

The Field

Qualifier 1

  • TSM FTX Commandment & Liquid Stretch
  • 33 Visxals & Tkay
  • Nani & Elite PXMP
  • NRG Bucke & Cam
  • illest & G2 Jahq
  • Acorn & KNG Khanada
  • PSR Zemo & Elite npen
  • TNA Mero & SEN Bugha

Qualifier 2

  • Degen & Eomzo
  • Avivv & KNG squish
  • OT Spayde & Chimp
  • Walkerrz & Ephites Golden
  • TNA OliverOG & twitch playifyx
  • LG Jamper & Dukez
  • DeRoller & Trashy
  • Reducs & savaje
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Semi-Finals Victory Royale Winners

  • Shadow & OmG Me II
  • ManCity Threats & 33 Userz
  • 7W Rnstar & 7W Syn
  • NetZz & Sparky
  • Peterbot & Kwanti
  • Nounzy & Sprite
  • Noob teyo & Elite Plege
  • G2 Ajerss & Rise
  • Princesswolf7 & Amt
  • FS AsianJeff & MTRX Plague
  • Kreo & verT
  • Twix & Chubs
  • PaMstou & 33 Fatch
  • Rythm1k & MILKS SHIESTY
  • Speguu & 33 Charlie
  • Cerbski & Flood Shiesty

Semi-Finals Consistent Teams

  • NRG Deyy & NRG Clix
  • Parallel Doniee & G2 MackWood
  • Crunchy & Moon Pure
  • Elite Neeqo & Pxlarized
  • 33 Cold & FaZe Cented
  • Elite Death & Tabnae
  • C9 nosh & 33 paper
  • Beef & NicFN
  • MTRX Twunti & Resypical
  • FS Joji & 33 Rocaine
  • Kn1pher & MTRX Bylah
  • Kwah & 33 Magnolia
  • NOVA Owl & crackednl teed
  • TNA Muz & C9 Avery
  • F4bled_TacoTV & JaxenJ
  • XSET Ceice & elitxe ay лол 7
  • FS Smite & 33 Larson
  • 7W 32wanted & MIH Moo

ESTNN's Picks to Perform

SEN Bugha & TNA Mero

The first Duo we expect to perform well is the back-to-back FNCS winners SEN Bugha and TNA Mero. It took some time for these two players to rejoin forces, and once they did, it resulted in a quick Duos Cash Cup victory. Since then, Bugha and Mero have finished 6th and 15th in the weekly Duos tournaments before playing in the FNCS Qualifiers. 

These two competitors only needed three rounds and one qualifier to secure a spot in the Finals. Despite missing a game in Qualifier 1, Bugha and Mero finished 8th overall. They'll now claim Chonker's Speedway all to themselves. Given Bugha's game knowledge and Mero's ability to eliminate anyone and everyone, this pair could be the next NA East FNCS Champions. 

Acorn & KNG Khanada

Acorn and KNG Khanada follows along the same lines as Bugha and Mero. Acorn is a brilliant in-game leader (IGL), and many recognize Khanada as one of the best “fraggers” in the world. The pair have collected many tournament victories, including two Duos Cash Cups. Independently, Acorn is having perhaps the best season of his career. 

This Duo has committed to the north side of Tilted Towers while two other teams will fight for control of the south side. This factor alone should grant Acorn and Khanada plenty of Storm Surge damage. Northern Tilted Towers is not the best loot-wise, but various Chests, Coolers and food boxes should be enough for Acorn and Khanada to spring up the leaderboard. 

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Degen & Eomzo

A shockingly unsponsored Duo—Degen and Eomzo have been perhaps the most consistent team in Chapter 3 Season 1. While they failed to win a Duos Cash Cup, Degen and Eomzo qualified for round two of every tournament. We've come to learn that consistency is critical for success in set lobby competitions. This Duo's only win occurred in Qualifier 1; they finished nearly 80 points ahead of second. 

Their path to victory in the Season Finals goes through fellow finalists and drop spot rivals K1pher and Bylah. Both teams plan to battle for control of the guaranteed Loot Llama at Llama Homestead. It won't be easy, but if Degen and Eomzo can overcome this challenge, they'll undoubtedly contend for the Axe of Champions. 

Liquid Stretch & TSM FTX Commandment

Veteran players Liquid Stretch and TSM FTX Commandment have quietly compiled a solid record this season. In just three Duos Cash Cup Finals appearances, they finished 10th, 11th and 9th. Stretch and Commandment proceeded to win Qualifier 1 by 32 points, making them a strong candidate to deliver in the Finals. The long-time competitors have selected an uncontested Coney Crossroads as their destination for all 12 matches. There's no doubt these two could walk away with the FNCS Championship.

PaMstou & 33 Fatch

Our final pick goes to a dark horse team that not many will predict to win. The French Canadian Duo of PaMstou and 33 Fatch have lurked on leaderboards without winning a tournament throughout the season. This prediction is purely based on feeling—PaMstou and Fatch have an uncontested drop and should perform well this weekend. We'll have to see how they fare against NA East's best.

That concludes our coverage ahead of the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Final. Be sure to check out our preview for Europe and viewing guide before the action kicks off tomorrow.

We'll be back with a complete recap once the tournament concludes on Sunday!