Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 Europe Heats And Analysis

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 Europe Heats And Analysis

Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 – Season 4 heats are mere days away

The top professional players already know what to expect based on their assigned heats and selected their drop spots. The European region is certainly no stranger to controversy after what took place last weekend. One of Europe's top trios – COOLER aqua, Rezon and Noahreyli – are out of the competition after aqua received a 14-day competitive ban from Fortnite. Several top trios are undoubtedly salivating with the knowledge that aqua and company are no longer a threat. However, FNCS Heats will separate the clutch teams from those who couldn't quite make it.

Today, ESTNN brings you a list of all four heats with each trio included. We will be discussing some of the top teams to keep an eye out for and some lesser-known teams that could find success. Despite the volatility of Fortnite, the top trios find themselves at the top. Heats will occur over two days and twelve matches. Let's see how all of the heats look for Europe.

Heat 1 October 29 & 30 – 7 PM CEST to 10 PM CEST

  • GODSENT znappy, GODSENT wak1e, MichaelFindSMZ
  • ATX Blastr, Vitality Nikof, TrainH Alphaa
  • NRG benjyfishy, 100T MrSavage, ATL LeTsHe
  • Lawzn, neito, Ouasby
  • OTW Aidy, uX Eoin, twitter nipsyfn
  • Kefyy, richart slatt, mck
  • Aztech recon, onyx payna, rcy blacky
  • VoiddFN, MonstrrMuncher77, SF Pnkayy
  • NicoTheBot, lolb00m, snoda
  • OT Exponential, EP mexefindSMZ, Wake AstroSMZ
  • Core, ATX RLluka, srn marteenHD
  • 200 200 200 200, styleriixn, m10 wkey
  • FaZe Mongraal, Liquid mitr0, TaySon
  • OVA 1 Point Off, OVA Zeston, OVA Arion
  • Virsuh, Jakei, SRN Swapz
  • Flikk, BL Anas, Gamma Th0masHD
  • CR TenZen, CR Nayko, 23 Mayii
  • Aex Yuuki, ATH matteo, morix
  • BTS SaMMyy, BTS Kiujy, AION DeNiisS
  • TRICKED Caspersa, Zh1ny, E11 Fickzi
  • Tobi, nikkeva, Kaxie
  • Vetle 7, IDrop 7, Playwell Styrsix
  • MV3 c0de, Ezz Laurent, Dionix merehene
  • MSR Sanjifishy, MSR Emo, beGenius Kinwin
  • M10 Legxndz, Wave Kartun, M10 FLORIIXN
  • Daysck, mamaflares, leonflares
  • RCN2 YEW, exeed Ardi, shmeky zZz
  • Wave Vadeal, OVA Fastroki, kyl
  • Arw Kiraah, M10 Karma, nuariixn
  • CL l1nk, NaVi 7tor, freemok
  • Kyzen wk, slide zeykoo wk, wiipow wk
  • Exen Sipe, TwitterDaeZinhoo, serenity akusto
  • Wave advise, OTW J4chu, OTW packo

Heat one might be the most stacked of all four, featuring some of the best teams in Europe. Mongraal, mitr0 and TaySon top the list with three straight qualifications leading into heats. If no other team is contesting them at Stark Industries, they might run away with first-place. But they will have to overcome some outstanding players along the way.

Benjyfishy, MrSavage and LeTsHe are also in heat one. The same notion applies; if no other teams plan to fight them at Doom's Domain, they should coast into the Grand Finals. These three will certainly not have to worry about Noahreyli, Rezon and aqua. There's always a possibility that another team could fight them. If not, it will be interesting to see Benjy and Mongraal jockeying for first place.

Let's not forget Anas, Th0masHD and Flikk – who was arguably the top trio heading into Chapter 2 – Season 4. They took second in the FNCS Warmup and the week one qualifier. They are in play to dethrone either of the two trios listed above. One sleeper trio worth mentioning is freemok, l1nk and 7tor. They haven't played particularly well during qualifiers, but all three are fantastic solo players, and anything can happen in Fortnite.

Heat 2 October 29 & 30 – 7 PM CEST to 10 PM CEST

  • Slovay, GameWard Antorak, Slq
  • Deal with Mappi, DSR Fnajen, LeftEye71
  • Skailer, AOS bubak, Toby
  • RCN2 miatfos2, miatfos3, rcn2 miatfos1
  • TCE Cyr0xV, OS Hijoe, deal with scoutz
  • GO M11Z, beGenius viper, f1rstk0bra
  • Esp Reffer, Bubblen, SharpzTW
  • BLP Steptr, TCE fiR3hUNTER77, ks1light
  • Granit Jimpen, M1lo, X-C-V-B
  • Netox.Prophecy, mounky, Evoza trixvenco
  • SNAPEMON, MIRO, swag
  • Vertex stena, Youtube Reyed, DSR Flakezyy
  • RCY Versuly, Bagger, Stenno
  • TrainH Umplify, Adn, TrainH Matsoe
  • TS jimke, six.sense, xCode Chico
  • Spectrum Setty, Spectrum KUBXMON, GXR teeq
  • TrainH Skite, TrainH Falconly, TrainH Yagsou
  • Twitter Gazeefn, MCES Jeff, TWITTER KIANDR0
  • F9 plixy, Prophecy Aigle, Prophecy WNBA
  • K1nzell, Wolfiez, crr
  • VP Kiryache32, 78 Rotory, stormyrite
  • Sb nate, SMASH Dave, bobo.exactly
  • EP Aleksa, GXR Milan, chapix 74
  • Solary Floki, Rams Clement, Rams naekoz
  • W2G Artskill, Zecq is FA, Spectrum IcE
  • Aztech kikoo, TT9 Slender, mosh grande
  • SurprisE, Cookie, daddy Birchh
  • Skot1master, sshando, shizomaster
  • KPI Juanote, COMETA ManuM697, xPlash
  • Monaco Frozen, Glorious Kebo, Monaco Dukey
  • ATX MaaTtix, Wavy Jorzzz, Wavy TChypSs
  • FlyZ On YouTube, Slide Marvin, Rz Jan
  • Spectrum Mr.J, Onyx WingS, Gambit Mawakha
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Heat two possesses some top teams, albeit far less than heat one. The first one to look at is Crr, Wolfiez and k1nzell. These three players should make for a solid combination just based on their amount of historical success. Two controllers and one keyboard player should allow them to w-key when needed. Crr, Wolfiez and k1nzell have a Solo Cash Cup win and fourth place qualifier finish this season.

Umplify, Adn and Matsoe have been one of the best trios this season, but somehow other teams overshadow them. They are one of only a few trios who qualified three times for FNCS Heats. This trio plans to land toward the center of the map, which should grant them effortless rotations. Expect Umplify, Adn and Matsoe to reach the Grand Finals.

Milan, Chapix and Queasy are also on the list of favorites in heat two. They took second place in week two and rounded out qualifiers with a 14th place finish. Uncontested Stark Industries is never a bad thing and likely what Milan, Chapix and Queasy will hope to see. Don't sleep on Floki, Clement and Naekoz, who qualified two out of three weeks with a third and tenth place finish. They will look to claim Misty Meadows for themselves.

Heat 3 October 29 & 30 – 7 PM CEST to 10 PM CEST

  • SF Rakso, Gamma Kami, artor
  • LYGHT, Fray, OVA Ditrxx
  • BL Edison, DEMONAYON, Onyx Zawnie
  • SP hulkkrr, Monaco Tinoks, beGenius Jules
  • Hlechis, 28HeLL, sk henny
  • Nikeyache32, Siko Disse, NxS zAndy pe cap
  • Day Visitor, V4 Fortventty, Joel
  • DualMedia DKS, DualMedia Snipe, DualMedia Mirza
  • Rakbuzz2, raktchikito3, rakbouflouz1
  • ROG Mayzen, MCES PodSai, Dreags Albraik
  • E11 Boyer, Atlantis Kejser, trippernn
  • Patje, Onyx yvsuf, jaggy
  • Siko Pepe, tleq, Komi
  • Dionix SrStriker, Ignasi, Tachi
  • COOLER zq, Robabz, b1acky.BDS
  • TS Pircolino, Smudge, Wickesy
  • Wake Dokko, Geanzha, Wake NemZ
  • Browner, Gambit Toose, SF Tomzy
  • EP Scolleh, saevid, Castery
  • Homyno Airknn, Homyno Pickiss, WYZIP
  • Skydeunn, Braize, voxe.exalty
  • BL Raifla, BL SliX, BL Lareez
  • Playwell Krizzii, M10 Nyhrox, Intel 7
  • Wave Wraxx, SRN Huty, Enterprise Minny
  • BL Hen, GO Decyptos, NaVi Putrick
  • MCES Andilex, Wave JannisZ, MCES Xsweeze
  • NOM danDAN, Gonz0, ShadeCOT
  • TT9 KURA 74, loff play kovaak, McDaBeast1
  • Lnuef 09, Gamma Merijn, Jaspaay
  • EO Milad, wiggo, fresh stz
  • Coope, Ret0y, Qraxu
  • Quartz CracK, homyno sun wk, egrm wk
  • VP Jamside, qvado hr, Gambit letw1k3

Andilex, JannisZ and Xsweeze are the safe pick to take first in heat three. They have staked a claim on Sweaty Sands and will not have to fight 4zr, Nayte and Keziix off the spawn. We've seen the power of uncontested Sweaty Sands before, so it's worth keeping an eye out for throughout heat three. Oh right, Andilex, JannisZ and Xsweeze just won the final qualifier. They should find a spot in Chapter 2 – Season 4 Finals.

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Lnuef, Merijn and Jaspaay will avoid the Mongraal onslaught in heat three as they plan to land Stark Industries. Other teams in this heat may or may not contest them, so they will need to be sharp on their drops. But if they do not have to fight off the spawn, these three will sail into the next round. Let's see how they hold up over 12 grueling matches.

Castery, Scolleh and Saevid qualified only through consistency but could make some noise in heat three. These three are outstanding players who may just not have found success during the qualifiers. They have selected the Fortilla area drop, which could cause some issues for storm surge and rotations. Decyptos, Putrick and Hen finished third in series points and secured two qualifications. They may find themselves in some early-game fights against Scolleh's trio, considering their Slurpy Swamp drop. Also, watch out for Rakso, Kami and artor, who took tenth and fourth in qualifiers one and two.

Heat 4 October 29 & 30 – 7 PM CEST to 10 PM CEST

  • Baby Girl miknup, Baby Girl Holy, V4 BabyGirl Flyy
  • Solary MAGL, Solary EMXXRR, DMSIK
  • 1lushaFN, Fury Legendary, OVA RijasR
  • Ghillie 74, Dawfps, DK Worm
  • Xypher Anddone, exen herra, orb iwnl
  • F R E Q, dyrvig, Cstann
  • Deside16, TT9 Peach, TT9 Wafflar
  • POWER Mythic, JO Tonyyy, JO Mid0
  • Troqz 7, B00mer29, xKumu
  • E11 Refsgaard, vitality stompy, skram
  • Sqwinnt, TT9 Remix, seanvpx
  • G2 Tohaj, Dang0ms, DiegoGB
  • Drepa2hard, dagur2hard, hakon2hard
  • Blendered kid, Bjergz, blended kid
  • JrgeQ, Gaviezy, KPI Joseeh
  • Rams Keziix, Grizi 4zr, Grizi Nayte
  • V4 Knogi, Hexar takedown, Hexar Flickzy
  • OTW Rapid, passivq, SF CarrotFindSMZ
  • Massello Heatzy, snaggedemon, wave steeli
  • Wave etq, IboooHai, Not Hellfire
  • Safik, VP Siberiajkee, IREZUMI
  • Fury FlowiS, Endretta, TT9 Louis
  • Bryth9, pharell, saaalvooo
  • Antoo, Vollaq, w0rfi
  • GTLaxus, Vitality Oslo, Grizi BadSnipR
  • AX Zebra, REFILL raavo0x, CLAVEN22
  • PabloWingu, twitter QBfnbr, k2snwod
  • Jur3ky, halfdumb, saprios
  • Focus Dani, Sdert XIV, Beetwe
  • LDLC Keo, TCE Quinten, KidBocaj
  • COOLER Noward, EP VEROX, pinq uk
  • Vato, leo the crack, Vitality Airwaks
  • RG1 Wuuudi, RG1 MarlonX, scxf

The final heat in the EU drops significantly in terms of the overall talent pool. First and foremost is the dominant trio of 4zr, Keziix and Nayte. This team secured two straight FNCS Qualifier victories, rampaging out of Sweaty Sands. They will not switch drop spots, so anyone looking to contest them will be in for a long day. Most will anticipate seeing 4zr, Keziix and Nayte in the finals whether they fight early or not.

Refsgaard, Stompy and Skram finished with the eighth-most series points and two qualifications. Their consistency puts them in consideration to win heat four. Refsgaard, Stompy and Skram will be landing at Steamy Stacks for some simple rotations and decent loot. They have committed to this spot whether another team decides to challenge them or not.

Airwaks, Vato and leo the crack quietly finished the season with the 15th most series points and two qualifications. They could make some noise as they plan to land at the lake north of Stark Industries. This trio might have access to some free storm surge tags and maybe even the vault located at Stark Industries. It will be interesting to see what dark horse teams emerge from heat four.

That covers all four heats in the European region. Remember that all heats will coincide, so it may be a bit difficult to follow. Nonetheless, we are much closer to crowning the best EU trio of Chapter 2 – Season 4 in a star-studded finalè. Let us know on Twitter who you think will claim the FNCS Axe of Champions!

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